Hello lovers,

I officially started back to workouts last week. I started slow, just doing some runs, mostly to see if I could still run for 20 minutes without stopping. It turns out I made it to 25 without stopping, even after 4 weeks of NOT running!! So, I’m happy about that. I’m currently on week 8, Day 1. Well, that will be the NEXT run I do! Huzzah!

I started back to Bodyrock yesterday, and plan to do that for one more month (as I stated in my last post). Due to the heat, I might not be doing these things every day, but I will do them when I can, and as often as I can. This is what I’ve said since day one, but I feel like repeating it.

Regarding Bodyrock, I’m not going to give a day-by-day update as I did with the 30-Day Challenge, mostly because I feel like Kamay should be telling you about HER Bodyrock journey, and you’ve already read mine! That being said, I will update as I see fit, and I’m writing today to discuss the new workouts I’m doing with them.

As I mentioned earlier, I decided NOT to do another 30-Day Challenge. Instead, I’m doing the week-long challenges that were posted in March (just after my 30-Day Challenge). This week is legs, butt, hips-focused, which I really like. That’s where I need the most toning, IMO.

Yesterday’s video was a rough way to start, I have to say. After almost a month of NOT Bodyrocking, I felt the difference. Totally. I had to ditch the jumping part of the routines about halfway through, because my knees couldn’t take it… so I modified to regular lunges and squats. Not a terrible change, but I imagine I’m not sore today BECAUSE of that… here’s hoping my knees will get stronger!! Also, I didn’t make it through the arms and chest workout. I don’t have weights and didn’t really feel like modifying by that point, and I only did one round of regular push ups. I don’t feel bad about this; it was my first day back, and if I’m not strong enough to make it through yet, it’ll just show as progress when I can!

oysters for breakfast!!!

In other news, I was eating a little like shit the past few weeks, due to both living alone (the boyfriend is away on business still) and laziness paired with being too busy. It’s amazing, the change you feel overall when you’re eating poorly. I literally FELT the junk and hated it. I’ve been working to correct that in the past few days and already feel a difference.

As an example (note the photo), I had my Saturday breakfast on the Marktplatz in town while doing my shopping. I may have mentioned him before, but the Fish Man (that’s his company name) is really a lifesaver for this Baltimore girl living in landlocked Germany. He always has fresh, wild-caught fish for me and will just hand me things to try. So on Saturday morning, I was buying some fish (my protein for the week!) and saw he had some AMAZING oysters for sale. I asked for just one, to eat immediately.

Most of the Germans around me looked at me like I was a bit crazy, but the Fish Man laughed, said of course, and shucked it right there for me, then added a bit of lemon and some pepper. I raised my oyster to him, said ‘cheers’, and downed it. It tasted of freedom and Baltimore, and I was a happy girl. As an added bonus, he gave me three pre-steamed cocktail shrimp (those ones you see behind the oyster) to eat as I did my shopping. He’s like my food BFF!!! Hooray!

In other news, I’ve been shopping at the Marktplatz for my produce lately, because it’s the best place to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables. I can’t see buying cherries from Brazil when nearly every house has a cherry tree here in Germany… is demand really so high that we need to import MORE cherries? I doubt it. It doesn’t make sense to me to buy produce that is shipped here, when we have the stuff growing everywhere! Does that make sense? Sure it’s maybe 50 cents more… but I’m happy to pay it if it’s helping the economy and cutting down on support for long-distance shipping of things that might not need to be shipped…

And I started this morning off with a Chocolate Banana Protein shake. It’s going to be a great day! Have a great week, lovely readers:)


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