I had initially said I was going to start the 2 month Insanity workout this week, but due to a minor wrist issue (most likely from climbing), I’m going to start it beginning of next week. My doctor said it’s not fractured or broken, but he wants me to wear a stabilizing brace for 2 weeks, so no climbing for at least 2 weeks for me :-(. It’s going to be 1 of those wait and see what happens kind of things. BUT, thanks to credit card points, I was able to redeem some for those floor mats that fit together like a puzzle. Now that I have them, I don’t have a reason NOT to start this workout. I did try to do other workouts on them already, and it feels awesome, but sucks if you have carpet in your house. I ended up putting weights on each end and had the mat against the wall so they wouldn’t move; it actually worked!

I’m really looking forward to doing this, but I’m also very nervous. I have to say that doing Bodyrock for so long now has me ready for some of the hardcore moves I know will be in these DVD’s. My plan is to take before and after photos so I can spot real differences like GM said in her recent post. I think it’s a great idea, because I know for certain that looking in a mirror vs a photo you will see different things.

I don’t plan on following the nutrition guide 1- because I already know how to eat good and what to eat and when, and 2- If it’s anything like the P90X nutrition guide, it’s going to be super expensive, and if I follow it, I might have to give up on buying a lot of organic things for the 2 months, and I’m not willing to compromise on that at all.

I DO know that since I will not be following the nutrition guide, my results will vary and not be like the results in the DVDs and from the people interviewed on TV, and I’m fine with that. I’m already at a weight I want to be, I’m stronger than I was before (by a lot) and I know I’ll get even stronger from this. My main goal is to get “tone” from this workout. I might lose a few pounds at the beginning, but I don’t want to lose more than 5, and that’s stretching it for me. I’m hoping that the scale won’t move much, but if it goes up by chance, it’ll be from the tone I will have attained from Insanity.

I really don’t think having a brace on my wrist for 2 weeks will help, so when it comes to moves like mountain climbers, or any kind of push up type move, I’ll either use weights  or my knuckles to brace my wrist and make sure it’s straight. I will probably write an update post each week to week & 1/2 to write about my progress, and how I’m liking the workout. I know this was something we had mentioned in the beginning as something we wanted to try, and I’m happy to say that I’m looking forward to being the guinea pig 🙂

So long for now, and I’ll have an update soon!


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  1. germanymarie says:

    It’s so funny, because my first thought with the jigsaw mats was ‘ew, but she’s got CARPET in the condo’… and then you wrote it like a sentence later. God, we’re so related.

    I’m so excited that you are going to do this!! And I’m also glad you’ll take the before/after photos, even though I know I’m going to be über-jealous looking at them!!! You’re already in such great shape!!!

    And dude, your wrist… is it the same one as last time?? Be careful with that thing!! xo

  2. Michelle S. says:

    you’re gonna do great. don’t over-do it though. you know when your body has had enough.

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