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Today is Sunday, and I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out what I was going to do, fitness wise, next. As you might have read, I had to take a few weeks off due to the heat and lack of AC in Germany. It was only in the 80’s here, but that’s as hot as I can handle when AC or a pool isn’t a part of the equation. Case in point: I spent the last two days at the pool, and am going running in the rain today.

Near the end of the Bodyrock challenge, I’d written that I wanted to continue with Bodyrock. I thought I’d just move right along to the May 30-Day challenge, but after viewing the videos, I don’t think I’m very interested in the Yoga/flow portion of that challenge (or the woman doing it, she kind of annoys me). Instead, I’ve decided I’m going to pick up with the March workouts, which were filmed just after the 30-Day challenge that I did complete. And I’m going to keep running until it gets too hot, and then I’ll switch to cycling. Wind in my hair, and all…

I realize now that I never wrote a final ‘Bodyrock 30-Day challenge’ recap, to review how I felt about it. So I can do that now: It was amazing, I saw results, and almost immediately felt stronger after just a week. I love the variety of the workouts, and think Sean and Lisa are great hosts, even if I did like Zuzana as well.

Also, this:

before: 29 April

halfway: 13 May

I think we can all agree that in just two weeks, there was a noticeable difference in my body size and shape. That number on the scale might not have moved, but my waist line certainly did.

I forgot (or, kept putting off) to take the last photo, so I’m just going to save that for after the first two weeks of THIS challenge, to continue to chart any progress that I might not be seeing.

I think it’s hard for us to notice the small changes in our bodies, since we live with them and see them every day. It always takes friends and family members saying something to make us stop and look, and for that reason, I think that before and after photos are a great idea. I’d tell anyone to take them, because the differences that the camera picks up aren’t the differences that we’re looking for or at. The only place I’d even noticed a change was in my midsection, where I’ve managed to acquire (and keep) a nice little dimple where my abs separate from my obliques. That is exciting enough to me, and if I can see that, I know it’s all going ok!


That being said, I think that AFTER the next 30 days of Bodyrock (which should get me to the beginning of August), I’m going to try something else. The entire point of this site is to try new things and report back on them. And, in the words of Matt Cutts, trying new things for 30 days is a perfect way to form new habits or to decide you don’t like the thing:

I’ve been doing 30-day challenges for almost a year now, thanks to Matt, and I don’t intend to stop. So while I DO love Bodyrock enough to stick with it, I want to keep trying new things to see how I feel about them and how they compare!

To add to all of this, I really won’t be able to do serious workouts in the month of August unless I can find a cool place to do them. So my month of August might include many trips to the pool to perfect my forward crawl and breast stroke. Or the climbing gym, which I haven’t seen the inside of in about 6 months… so glad I renewed my membership!

The past three weeks have been really hard on me, and I’ve been really hard on myself. I know that I have a condition and that I can’t overwork myself, but the old, pre-MS GM really hates to feel like a slacker. And when I can’t work out because I’m tired (fatigued thanks to the heat), I get down on myself for being lazy. I know I’m not lazy, but it’s a daily battle. It’s hard to remember the gladiator that I used to be and to know that I can’t be that person again unless I move to northern Sweden or Canada, you know?

So that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 30 days. If anyone has any suggestions for things I should look into trying next, please message us or comment to share!! We’re always looking for new things to try, and welcome any feedback!


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  1. mindofryan says:

    keep it up! how often do you go running?

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