Hello loves, I’ve been MIA since the sterilization post, and I wanted to write about why. There really aren’t too many reasons, but I think it’s good to talk about these things, since we all go through them.

As you may know, my boyfriend is away again on business and I’m home alone. I usually enjoy this time, as it gives me a lot more ‘me’ time and I can get a lot of things done (like workouts!) however, this time around, there have been other things going on in my life and they’ve kept me from being present, both online and offline.

For starters, I’m working a lot. I’ve been under in hours at my job so far this year, and in the past two weeks I’ve picked up a lot of extra work in order to re-balance my average hours. We call this ‘overtime’, but for me, it’s actually ‘catching up’. I’ve got to re-sign my employment contract in July, so there’s been a lot of thinking about if I’ll end up taking on more hours, or asking for higher pay, or deciding to go freelance, etc. This is the way things work here when you’re an immigrant, and there are big decisions that come with either option.

As it stands, I’ve got a contract and have to work x hours each week throughout the year. If I’m over at the end, they pay me the difference. If I’m under, I operate with a deficit for the following year and have to make those hours up, or I have to pay my company. We never want to pay our companies, so I try to work more rather than less.

As a contracted employee, I’m eligible for the (mostly) free (and excellent) public healthcare (socialism at its finest, IMO). This is good, but obviously, contracted employees make much less than they could if they were freelance. If I was a freelance employee, I’d have to pay for my own healthcare… and this could get expensive, since I have a disease, although it’s not nearly as bad as the pre-existing conditions clauses that most companies in the US have. Germany is actually very fair about its health care and the associated costs, and I really do appreciate that.

On top of all of these considerations, a few of my colleagues are leaving at the end of the summer, and I will most likely be taking on their classes. This will mean more work. I’m excited about that, since right now, I don’t really make a LOT in the grand scheme of things, or against what I was making in the states.

And to add insult to non-injury, the weather this week hit the high 80’s, which is no bueno for me in regards to working out. I didn’t even go to Budo this week, thanks to the heat and the overtime. Suck!!!

Because of the weather, the research I’ve been trying to do, training courses offered by third parties, and all of the ‘catching up’ with my hours, I was really bad last week with the final week of the bodyrock challenge. I had initially thought I’d like to re-do week 4 this week, and I think I might still do that. If I don’t, I’m going to move right on to doing more Bodyrock workouts and just call it even.

Either option is fine for me, but I was ‘bad’ last week and didn’t have a lot of time for much of anything. Or the energy. I slept a lot thanks to the heat, too.

So, that’s what’s going on with me. I’d like to say, though, that even if I didn’t get to do my workouts, my body is looking great and I haven’t lost too much of the definition I’d gained. I slowed my eating when I realized I wasn’t burning so much, and I think that helped.

I’m hoping to be back on track tomorrow, and am planning to get in a workout today. Of something. I’m not sure what, but something will be done. At the very least, a run and a decision on which Bodyrock to do from here.

Thanks for reading:)


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