So… once upon a time I had this little adorably body and wore all the best clothes & heels & went to the tanning bed and most times looked as though I walked out of a magazine on any given day…  (pre-marriage & pre-children & DEF. pre-farm, LOL!)

I laugh about that now… half the time I look like a wet limp dish rag and usually am good if I remember my glasses, phone and wallet let alone my name LOL!  Not that I’ve lost my ‘self-esteem’ or myself,  it’s just life is filled with so MANY other more important needs as I’ve grown older.  Most of which are centered around my kids, my husband and my home…

So after taking this plunge into Fitness Success & I say success because I reached a goal already & it’s only been 6 months, my goal was to have my husband wrap his arms around me and be able to touch his elbows and he did it the other day 🙂  (before the stupid spider bite I should note) I never really realized how much others would notice my work & my success. However, it never ceases to amaze me when people come up to me and say, “WOW! you look amazing”, “how much have you lost?”, “I didn’t recognize you, your tiny”,  my personal Fav. is “how have you done this?” it opens this HUGE door to Fit Freedom.

So how has Fit Freedom and my success manifested in my life personally in the last 6 months… well… few weeks ago my Dad came to the ball park to watch my son play baseball and didn’t even recognize me, said “I looked too tiny to be me.” Truly the compliments are endless & it feels great.  I have noticed that I get ‘hit-on’ more frequently and I love when they realize that I’m married and have 3 kids. It’s almost as though they look at me in awe or respect but totally deflated because I’m taken.

This pic was taken last year, new pics are in order!!

I drive a rag-top jeep with no doors in the summer when I’m by myself which happens more often than not during baseball season because I often time take pictures for the ball park & the paper.  I just got it last year for my birthday from my husband who has known my love for jeeps for as long as we’ve known each other. What a great present for my 30th birthday well that and pink camouflage shot-gun… don’t give me crap I’m from the country and I like it that way! At any rate while driving around in my jeep I notice that I get a lot more ‘whistles’ and hollers & lots of looks. Actually had a guy tell me ‘I saw you in the jeep, it’s hot’ and I’m judging by the way he was looking at me he wasn’t just talking about the jeep LOL!  What a self-esteem booster that some young kid (like 20ish) thinks I’m ‘hot’… a 31-year-old mother of 3!!

Not to mention how great I feel and how it’s manifested in my life with my family and my kids, my husband and I relationship has grown greater & closer and my ability to get up and move with the kids makes me feel like I’m showing them to take care of their bodies, take care of their lives and to be greater men. My oldest thinks it’s AWESOME that Mommy has all this extra energy and likes playing with him more and more. Understand I spent the better part of his younger years pregnant and without an ounce of energy to spare.

I recently was asked by a friend & mother in my area how I had come to lose so much weight. She then said “don’t say running because I don’t run.” I chuckled, I said “I wasn’t a runner either when I started.”  We talked about diet, portioning and simple small exercising things she could start doing to help propel her to do more.  I like that I can refer them to this site for answers when I’m not around to ask. #walkingbillboardlitterally

It has manifested personally too; I feel happier, I feel more excited about the littlest things and I feel the strength and energy to keep up with my everyday life & the things that I want to do vs. the things I have to do.  I feel physically, mentally & emotionally healthier just by making the changes to a better life with better food, greater fitness & all around better choices!
I LOVE HOW I FEEL & I never want to quit it,  it’s the best choice I’ve ever made!


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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, Wear Comfortable Shoes.

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  1. germanymarie says:

    we’re all so proud of you!!! xox

  2. martha84 says:

    You go girl! Amazing post! Hope you find all the happiness you deserve in this fitness adventure!

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