As most of you know and I’ve talked about being a pusher and pushing myself is what I know how to do the best.

I started this Body Rock Challenge and the 1st 5 days I did really well… I then thought perhaps maybe I was invincible and would do 6 days on and 1 day off because I could then have it done by the time I leave for vacation.  Which probably wouldn’t have been all that bad except for the fact that I’m 31 with 3 little kids, a garden & 2 businesses to run…who the heck was I kidding?!? I need a freaking BREAK!!
This is me modifying the pull ups under the bar at home… My 6-year-old was impressed with the muscles in my arms hence the photo. LOL!

It didn’t really hit me till Saturday morning… as most of you know I live on a farm which is a constant exposure to sun, bugs & plants of all kinds, good or bad.

I had recently gotten a little poison my leg and had treated it and had gone away. I have special soaps to wash with – to help prevent it. However, it’s that time of year when I’m hanging clothes out on the line & I’m out in the timber and bushes picking black raspberries which exposes you to more and more things that are ‘off the beaten path’.

Several days into my body rock I discovered I had been bitten 3x on my stomach, I was not sure by what but was hopeful just a mosquito however as the days progressed I realized they looked more and more like spider bites. The typical red lump under the skin, fever in the area and minor swelling. However the one that was lower and right in the path of where all my pants rub, took a turn for the worse. I’m guessing just because of the irritation of sweating and clothes rubbing.

It became very swollen and black in the center  & the lump under the bite had taken over the bottom half  of half my stomach and it was VERY SORE! Friday morning I got up and tried to do my usual run, it hurt to run where my pants would run the area. Luckily, I ran into the neighbor walking and decided to just walk a little and then run when she turned off.  I tried to do week 2 day 1 of the BR routine and I barely made it through it, I was hurting. I decided to do little things around the house, watered plants and I did a short walk through weeding of the garden.  Sammy had a ball game and I was trying to take it easy but chasing 3 little ones around the ballpark is not easy. Thankfully I had Rick to help me out.

Saturday morning I woke just before 6am and I could barely move. My entire body was sore and not in a ‘work-out’ sore like something was really wrong. I came downstairs and told my husband right away,  I think I need to go to the ER. Something is wrong & this bite looks really bad.

I feel much better now, after the shot of antibiotic and the 2 other antibiotics they put me on. However, I have to continue to take it for 7 days & make sure I keep the wound clean and covered. I also had to have it tested for MRSA. Which is a SERIOUS bacterial staph infection and like Recluse spider bites can be fatal as well if not cared for immediately.

FYI, you can contract MRSA without having a spider bite or bite of any kind, mostly happens in an any open wound,  but it appears to have the same signs/symptoms of a spider bite, with the red and swollen lump under the skin. Then it basically turns black in the center and starts eating the flesh away becomes infected full of puss. It’s VERY GROSS to & very scary to the say the very least.  If you feel you might have something to this effect do not hesitate in calling the doc or seeking medical attention, especially if you spike a fever it could mean your life.

I guess for me, the one that some call “super woman” or “time-bender” can be taken down by something so small and irritating. May this be a lesson to NEVER underestimate the size of ANYTHING ever again.

Info. on Brown Recluse Bites
Info. on MRSA

This is a pic after 2 days on the antibiotics, it looks tons better but still gross… on the way to recovery 🙂


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3 responses »

  1. germanymarie says:

    get better soon!! Love you!

  2. MJ says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This is a problem where I work as well. I’ve never had the bite area get that bad however. I now know more because of you.

  3. countrykay says:

    Not a problem MJ. It is a problem and most people don’t know about it… which would have been me week or so prior. Just make sure you shake your clothes/shoes out and know that they like dark places. I also knew of a guy who worked at saw mill it dropped into his boot and he almost los this foot… they can get pretty bad pretty fast so take care.

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