DSC_3393Well… I have been looking for something to change-up my routine, I’ve still been running every other day 2 miles & watching what I eat.  However, I was having problems getting into doing any kind of moderate to hard toning routine. After talking to the girls, I decided to take the Body Rock, 3o Day Challenge.  I was a little worried it would be really tense but the fact that she encourages you to know your limits but to push is awesome to me also.  I played softball today (Sunday) around 11am and afterwards played soccer in the yard for hour or so with my son & later in the afternoon decided to do this trial… & start this 30 day challenge. I’m a glutton for punishment anyway & I push myself too hard all the time.  I should listen to Michelle and learn to take it easy more often 🙂

I should also note that I wanted to start this on June the 1st but I had some other interferences…  I’m only 2 days late.  1 of which was the fact that I didn’t have a sandbag, I stayed home this morning to play softball and my husband took our 3 little ones to town for several food/supply items & he returned with a duffel bag that I can totally use with straps on the side and ends like the bag used in the videos.  He even dug some sand and filled bags to make the sandbag 10 lbs, he’s so awesome. I should note having support is SUCH a blessing. I’m still working on interval timer but for now the clock in the kitchen or the livingroom works.

So here’s the results from the trial, 50 sec. intervals with 10 sec. rest:

Squat Jumps        25

Push Ups               25   (I would just like to say even this surprised me)

Burpee                   17

High Knees          150

Switch Lunge   33

Tuck Jumps        40

Ab Work              41    (crunches)

I kicked *ss today!!
I was really apprehensive about posting this ‘before’ picture it’s ALOT of skin and you can totally tell I have a farmer’s tan…  HEY! I’m a  farmer cut me some slack, LOL!
 Give me a break anyway, I’m 30 yrs old (31 in 7 days) and I have 3 kids, I should note all of which were breastfed.  I should also say that if it weren’t for my husband & the girls I write with and my few close friends here at home I wouldn’t be posting this. They have an amazing way of making me feel great about myself and pointing out all the great qualities even when I can’t see them with my own eyes. Thanks hubby & girls!!  I would just like to point out the fact that the shorts are baggy on my behind… & they’ve NEVER been that way, since I bought them 🙂  So many compliments make me blush, THANK YOU from the deepest depths of my heart.

Monday… DAY 1 – I was ready for – excited for it really, I got up and ran my 2 miles, came home fed the animals, weeded the garden, cleaned the house & then did my Day 1 Challenge.  As much as I hate to admit that I’m terribly ADD I used the excitement of doing the workout as a reward for getting everything on my list finished.  It worked!  I got everything done, including my workout, by 4pm and was still able to make supper (with help from my hubby) and make it to my 6pm meeting at the ballpark to drop off picture order forms and take pictures of my friends daughters playing softball!!

I find that the 1st day was hard, the trial was hard on my knees, thankfully they encourage low impact, but today was hard too – lots of arms and quite honestly I have some upper arm strength with having kids but to do push-up after push-up… KILLER… to say the least!! I did modify some of the things to have lower impact. I will be feeling this tomorrow in a good way.

Tuesday… Day 2 – Once again I was ready. I don’t run every day I try to run every other day so this was my off day and quite frankly I had about 500 photos+ to edit and things to do ont he computer so I spent a great majority of my day sitting at my desk editing and typing. Once again, I have a hard time keeping to task and use everything I can to keep myself on task. I told myself this morning, I had to get these last bit of wedding pictures finished up and prints ordered or I’d not be able to work out… Needless to say it got done and so did my work out – it was after supper and after baths and after the kids went to bed but it got done!

 If day 1 was hard, Day 2 was even harder. My shoulders were sore, my legs and knees were sore but I could feel the desire to push through, to just do it. I was happy to know that there was upper body work, but different not all push-up style – there was some but there was dips and pull ups… different muscle groups  & ab work.  I can say already I know my arms will be doubly as sore, today just picking up my 3-year-old hurt but not in a OMG I can’t do it way, in a this hurts but in some strange way I feel stronger way. Walking up the stairs proved to be rather intimidating, I was sore but again in a I’d rather run up the stairs than walk, LOL! I looked forward to tieing on my tennis shoes and kicking the soccer ball around with my 6 yr old son. I was actually kind of bummed that he gave in and was tired before I was… in his defense he’d been playing outside most of the day with his older cousin.  I once again modified the routine to fit me, as I don’t have a fancy ‘dip station’ or ‘UGI fitness ball’. I just decided for this work out to use the sandbag for the ball there’s really only a 2 lb difference & I omitted it for the ab work out & just did straight crunches.  I used the bar in my diningroom, a chair & the couch to modify my upper body ‘dip’ work out. It worked out really well. 

I’m sore but can’t wait for Day 3  🙂

Here’s my current Measurements:
Week 1:      198 lbs   46/40/45  (January 2)
Last Post:  164 lbs   37/33/36  (April 26)
Today:        161 lbs   37/32/36  (June 5)

DSC_1605c - Copya


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3 responses »

  1. germanymarie says:

    I’m so proud of you!!! This is awesome!! Way to go!! ❤

  2. Michelle S. says:

    i know i keep saying the same thing, but you are just amazing. look at how far you’ve come. it’s incredible progress.

  3. countrykay says:

    Thanks!! I couldn’t have done it without your push!

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