If I was excited about yesterday’s workout, then I was MORE excited about today’s workout. 600 reps of mostly leg work? You’ve roped me in, leg work is my FAVORITE!!!

This one was pretty straightforward, and even though I was feeling lazy, one look at the clock (8pm already?!?) reminded me that I couldn’t let yesterday happen again: I was literally out teaching ALL DAY and didn’t get home until at least 7:45… and by then, it was far too late to do my workout. Not because I didn’t want to, but because of the witch downstairs who will certainly complain if I happen to make any noise at all. In fact, I’m actually quite surprised she hasn’t complained about my hairdryer in the mornings or late at night.

I had all of today’s equipment (minus the ‘actual’ sandbag, which is in the mail!!), and the workout went relatively quickly. I was already feeling the burn into the second set of lunge kicks and had to stop frequently to take breaks. And by the last round of jump roping, I was totally dead and kept slapping myself with the rope, so after 4 hits before number 20, I dropped it and just did regular high knees.

It took me just under 22 minutes to complete, and that was with stopping for water, bending over to rest, and so on. I pushed, but not so much that it killed me. Although I’m still feeling the burn, even a few minutes later. I guess that means tomorrow will feel great!

I’m supposed to have two days of ‘active rest’ before jumping back into week 4, but I think that I’m only going to rest one day (tomorrow) and just go running instead. I’m excited to complete the challenge! When did I start it, again? 🙂

I’ve decided I won’t post a photo until the challenge is completed. I hope you guys don’t mind? I think the results will be more noticeable that way!

bis Morgen!


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    i can’t wait to see!!

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