I really meant to do this yesterday, but I ended up feeling kind of sick after my parents left, and we decided to take the day very easy. In fact, we kind of did nothing all day yesterday, aside from going out for some sushi. Even then, I didn’t eat as much as I would have liked, because I was feeling kind of ill.

Thankfully, I ended up sleeping for about 9 hours, and today I’m feeling back to normal. I’m TOTALLY behind on the bodyrock schedule, but I’m not going to get too down on myself for having had a vacation and a period coming up next week to deal with. I’m doing the best that I can.

I’ve also decided that I want to stick to Bodyrock for another month, after this 30-day challenge is up. I’m not sure yet if I’ll go right into another 30-day challenge, or just try out some of the other videos, but I’ll let you know when I decide. I think each option has its merits, and I have to weigh them a bit more now that my mind can get back to focusing on things like my actual life, rather than vacation, visitors and my boyfriend being home. I have to say this: out of all of the fitness things I’ve tried on this site over the past 5 months (wow, it’s ONLY been 5 months!!), the Bodyrock exercises are my favorites, and they’re where I’ve seen the most results.

I’ve got a pretty light work schedule this week, and I think rather than taking the two days off, I’m going to go right into week 4, since I’ve had enough days off already. And if I end up needing a day off, I’ll take it. I’m pretty sure this will happen one way or another, as it has in previous weeks.


not me:)

Today’s workout is a rep challenge, and I’m excited to do this one. I don’t know why, but it feels like I’m going to like it more than previous rep challenges. I hope that’s the case!! Also, the slight modifications I have to make have me feeling pretty confident. 🙂


So, oh my goodness, this one was HEAVY on the legs and abs. By the time I got to set 7, I was done with stepping up, my knees were NOT happy! So from set 6 on, I modified the second and fourth exercises (both include a large step up) to be just a squat and then the leg lift or kick, instead of the step up/lift or step up/kick.

Since I wasn’t working with an equalizer or anything that would give me an acceptable decline for the push ups, I just did them on the floor instead, which I think might have actually been a bit harder, since there was a limited amount of space for me to put my leg into. I also wasn’t able to use an equalizer to step over for the second exercise, so instead, I used some plastic bottle cases that we had leftover from the BBQ we hosted last weekend when the ‘rents were in town. They’re about as tall as a large bottle of water and generally hold about 6 or 9, depending on how many you want. I stepped over those instead, and made sure to step high:)

Other than these modifications, I made it through as the video suggested, and I did it in 45:12! I’m really excited about my time. It was warm in the room and warm outside, so I chose to stay indoors with the fan rather than outdoors with no breeze. It was hard, and I took it easy and didn’t go for speed, rather form, and it felt really good.


A bit of news on the home front: since my boyfriend’s been home, we’ve been talking a lot about Bodyrock and how much I love the workouts. I mentioned a few times that I think I want to buy the sandbag, since all of the handles definitely make it the better option against my budo bag and literal sandbags… after watching me do a few workouts, he’s totally impressed with the site and wants to do them, too. So tonight, as I was preparing my workout, he totally went ahead and ordered the sandbag (I think he got it in camouflage though, since he loves all things camo colored) and the dip station!

I’m kind of beyond excited. So I guess you can expect some photos of me using those, too! I’ll keep making modifications, though, since I know not everyone wants to go out and buy all of that stuff.

xo See you tomorrow!


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