Woe is me, I’m back in Germany. Poor little world traveler, right? 🙂 Actually, I’m glad to be back, even though Italy was A. Mazing!!

Those of you who aren’t following my personal blog might not know this, but I’m on a quest to see ALL of the outdoor public sculptures by an artist named Claes Oldenburg. And while we were in Milan, I got to see number 13, which is called ‘Needle, Thread and Knot’ in English. Normally when I see them, I do something called an ‘art jump’ and then send it to the Jumping in Art Museums website/blog, where I am something of a ‘repeat offender’. I just learned something this morning: if you look at the right nav bar of that page under ‘art jumping community’, you’ll find a link to my Claes and Coosjie page. Um, awesome!

So today I’m back on track. I woke up far too early for a Saturday, but it was definitely ‘sleeping in’ for me to get out of bed at 6:45 as opposed to 6:00. I usually have a protein shake in the morning, but since my parents are asleep in the room next to the kitchen, I just mixed everything together with a spoon and ate the banana separately. As I write this, my boyfriend is in the kitchen using the loud-as-hell coffee maker to make his coffee. It appears one of us thinks they’ll sleep through it. I hope he’s right. If that’s the case, I’ll use the blender tomorrow morning! 🙂

(update: my dad got up as René used the coffee maker. He says he didn’t hear the coffee maker, and was up before it went off. No shake for me tomorrow morning unless they wake up early!!)

Looking at today’s workout on the Bodyrock website, it appears I should have done a reps challenge yesterday. But whatever, at least I did something.

I chose to go with the intermediate workout, because the beginner one felt just a bit too easy AND it looked a lot like what I did yesterday! My idea was to push it with the intermediate one and do as much as I could. Today’s workout was a 6-part, twice through circuit. I think I might like that better than 4-part, 3x through.

Here are my numbers from today:

tuck jump: my jumps are getting better!

Walking push up and tuck jump: 5/4
3-Way Plank jump & clean & press: 4/ 3
Low Jack & V-split abs: 6/7
Superman push up: 6/5
Stand up and Jump abs: 3/3
Sumo Knees and half burpee: 6/5

Abs workout:
I didn’t count any of them, was too worn out by the time I got to that!! 🙂

I rather like the 6 workouts twice through as opposed to the 4 workouts three times, but I feel like I might not have gotten the form totally correct for many of them.. I’m sure I’ll get them the next time. This workout was hard, and I’m thankful there was a breeze this morning on my balcony when I did it. I might have died of heat exhaustion if I’d tried to do this one inside with the fan.

no equalizer or bars? Use the railing of your deck/balcony.

The only modifications I did for this workout were to use the corner of my balcony rail for the v-split abs (rather than an equalizer) and to NOT do the incline for the superman push ups.

I wanted to use the incline, but the chairs I have on my balcony aren’t conducive to doing a good push up. So I just did it on the ground. It was still hard!!

As I mentioned earlier, the entire workout felt hard, but I’m not exhausted. I might have to go for a run later in the evening once it gets cooler. Or tomorrow morning.

In my own defense, I just came off of a few days of ingesting far more gluten than usual (when in Rome, you know? I make exceptions for real Italian food if I happen to be there) and it being that time of my month: the retaining water/should be ovulating time. Thank goodness for my trusty birth control… I just can’t wait for this water to come off! I feel like I’m moving through mud these past few days. I refuse to take a progress photo until I’m into next week.

See you tomorrow, enjoy the weekend!


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