Hey guys! I’m back home now, but definitely got my workout in today. There were some complications between yesterday and today, but I think I handled them well.

I did my last workout on Wednesday morning in Milano, and I’d had plans to come home and do the second workout later that evening, to get back on track. Well, that turned into a bust since we spent about 8 hours walking in the godawful heat. And our readers know what heat does to me. I actually left dinner just before they ordered dessert and went home and laid in bed. I didn’t get out of bed for the next few hours and just worked on photos instead.

I woke up on Thursday and was still out of it, and thankfully we spent a good part of the day on the road getting to our next destination, which was the Garda lake in Italy. I had wanted to do the workout that evening after we’d had dinner, but I was still really worn out, because we’d unpacked and then walked around Garda for a few hours, so I skipped it for the evening.

But that meant that THIS morning, I woke up and was super motivated. I had set the alarm for 7:00 and woke up at 6:00, since I’m ME, and got straight to it. There was just one problem: no internet connection!!! I knew it was a 12-minute workout, and I know the format of the workouts, but I didn’t know WHAT to do. So I flipped out a bit as I walked around our (small but EXCELLENT) hotel looking for someone to give me an internet code, to no avail.

I finally said ‘fuck it’ and decided to do what I do best: improvise. So instead of whining, I made lemonade and made up my own routine complete with ab workout (which is definitely included on the 12 minute days). I did the entire workout on the terrace right outside of our room. I had a great view of the sun rising.

I gave myself a routine that I knew I could handle, but I was missing weights. I ended up using one of René’s military backpacks full of books that I’d brought with, but it wasn’t as heavy as I’m used to. But whatever, there’s tomorrow for more. I didn’t want to pack a FULL workout in my suitcase for vacation, so I only brought my headphones, clothing, armband and timer with me. I knew going into today that I’d probably have to ‘find’ weights or problem-solve, so it wasn’t too terrible that this extra wrench was thrown in.

The routine I decided on was the following. I used exercises I’d already done with the workout program. I made a remix, effectively:

3-point star + push up + star jump: 4/4/3
Start in plank pose, then jump your feet up towards your left hand, then back to plank, then towards your right hand, then back to plank. Then do a push up, and then jump your feet in to meet your hands, and then do a start jump. I find this to be brutal, and a good exercise for position 1, since that’s where they usually put the hard or time-consuming workout.

keg lifts: 15/11/11
Start holding the bag to your right side, crouched down with knees bent and turned to the right. Lift the bag up to the left, not going above your head, and turning your body to the left. Return to start position on rt, then turn body and move bag to left side and repeat.

clearly NOT inclined here…

inclined mountain climbers: 80/85/79
Pretty self-explanatory, except I was experimenting with different inclines until I found one that worked best. I’m majorly impressed with these numbers, for the record.

backwards lunge with press: 10/9/10
Start holding a weight/weighted bag, and step back into a lunge. While lunging, do an overhead press with bag. Return to holding position, then step back to standing. Repeat on opposite side.

The ab work:
Mountain climber lifts
I just called them that because they felt like that. I was in inclined mountain climber position, and just alternated pulling the legs up and holding for a moment before returning to plank.

star abs
Lay on the ground with legs and arms spread out. Bring rt hand above head to meet left leg, then return to star. Repeat with opposite sides.

These are a pretty standard ab exercise that I LOVE since they don’t hurt my back and are hard after the first 10.


That’s what I did today, aside from more walking and a TON of sitting in the car on the long drive back through the Alps to Germany. But I’ll be back to a full workout and Day 3 tomorrow. I’m also hoping to get a run in before it gets too hot!!



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  1. s_cin says:

    Great job on improvising! Sometimes it’s nice to do that, and realize you have enough knowledge to makeup a routine. Excellent!

  2. Michelle S. says:

    kick ass!!!!!!

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