Well, hello there! It took me two weeks to get through week 2, due to external circumstances. I can’t complain, I still feel great and am enjoying the workouts!

My father and stepmother arrived yesterday, and I’m ‘on vacation’ with them for the next week, so it’ll be interesting to see how I can fit in my workouts along with all of the other stuff we’ll be doing. I’m happy it’s Saturday, and I’ve got some ‘days off’ before getting into it again, although I am planning to start week three on Monday rather than Tuesday.

I managed the workout today because my boyfriend and father went out to get some stuff for tomorrow, and my stepmom is sleeping in the other room. I only needed an hour, and was intending to do the workout and a run. Then I realized I’ll be walking all day today, and decided to scrap the run. That will most likely be the case for the coming week, although I WILL bring my fitness stuff with me, in case it’s too pretty NOT to run, wherever we are.

Today’s workout came with a beginner, intermediate and advanced option. I took the intermediate option, to push myself. And it was definitely pushing!! There weren’t many modifications happening today, or at least nothing I haven’t written about already.

Here are my numbers:
Hug Knee Star Jump and 3-point push up: 3/3/3
Circle Abs: 12/22/23
Reverse Push ups: 8/8/7
step ups with weight: 10/11/11

Abs bonus:
plank touch left:15
plank touch right: 23
inclined knee tucks: 15

It was a rough workout, but I made it through! I’m excited for today and tomorrow, and to get back on it on Monday and do it in just a week, rather than two!! Here’s hoping:)


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