… is worth Over-doing?!

When it comes to exercise that IS NOT THE CASE!  I tend to be a person who is detailed oriented and tend to over-do & over-think EVERYTHING. I tend to be a perfectionist which either is liked or loathed depending on what I’m doing I presume. Some of my friends “Love to Hate” me for all the ‘ideas’ that come to fruition.

Exercise for me comes easy when I don’t think about it, take my childhood – soccer was the envy of my life I ran till it was dark every day in the summer; or my young adult and teen years I spent waiting tables for 14 hours a day & then there was yesterday weeding and working on the garden for 7 hours straight and not even realizing it… (yes I usually garden barefoot)  I think this goes without saying if I’m enjoying what I doing than it doesn’t seem like work.  I could struggle every other day to run 2 miles but I could garden for 7 hours straight with really no break other than a few snacks & some water?! 

The human nature and mind is really just beyond me some days.  However, today I’m not feeling so hot, I completely over did it yesterday pulling weeds, raking and bending, squatting… all the things that come with gardening has taken a toll on my body.  I’m sore in places that I never knew had muscles before, which is good in some ways but in others not so great. My arms feel heavy and it’s making being a Mom today hard. I plan to rest most of the day and try not to repeat 7 hours of bodily destruction anymore!! LOL!  I’m going to remember to take breaks and do other less physical things during my breaks.

My point in all of this is simply be mindful of what you are doing physically and don’t over-do it because that in the long run could potentially set you back exercise wise.  I couldn’t do my regular routine because I was in so much pain from the day before,  over-doing it can be so simple especially when it’s something we love.


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  1. germanymarie says:

    I agree! I totally walked for 7 hours the other day, and was too worn out to even TRY to do a workout the following day! If you’re going to do it, do it well. If not, then enjoy NOT doing it:) xo

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