Here it is, Monday, and I didn’t get to do a lot of fitness things over the weekend. Why? Well, a few reasons. First, there was a photo competition in Würzburg on Saturday that ended up taking all day, and I ended up walking for effectively something like 7 hours. I figured that was a workout enough. I think all of our readers would agree. I laid in bed that night (far earlier than normal, around 9pm) experiencing a little bit of Restless Leg Syndrome which is usually a sign that I’m on the verge of a relapse, or having a small one. RLS, in case you weren’t aware, is kind of a symptom that MS patients often report experiencing, even though it is not related to or generally brought on by the disease. Which is pretty interesting.

Because of said walking, on Sunday after picking up my boyfriend from the airport, I was still totally knocked out. We literally did nothing but lay on the couch all day watching TV, and I think we both needed that. In case you weren’t aware, my boyfriend has been gone SINCE I WENT TO JAPAN, on a contract building assignment in Afghanistan for NATO. He was in a safer area, thank goodness, but he’s been gone for about 6 weeks. It’s nice that he’s home.

This brings us to today. I didn’t get to do more Bodyrocking last week, so I decided it was  best to just continue with where I left off last week and not skip any exercises. You might remember that, in the beginning of our challenge, Michelle and I decided that we wouldn’t push to do the exercises every day, if we couldn’t, and that we expected it to take us longer than 30 days. So I didn’t feel too bad, considering I was really good the first week and first half of the second.

Week 2, Day 4’s workout was another rep challenge, and all I have to say is this: I. HATE. TRICEPS. PUSH UPS. They are the bane of my existence and we have a terrible history. I LOVE working my triceps, but I hate triceps push ups with a passion. So when they showed up in the workout today, I was a bit ticked.

I did the workout in 54:17, which was longer than I was expecting, but it’s ok because I did the techniques without too much modification for the first time. I imagine that’s what took up more of the time, considering all of the jumping that happened in the first technique/exercise.

René brought me home a real sandbag that the military guys and gals use for things like hauling sand. I was super excited about this and tried it out today. It was excellent and I liked it better than my budo bag, since the rice wasn’t really sliding around in the sandbag the way it does in the budo bag. Overall, I liked it, but I still think (and now that René is home, he agrees with me) that we’re going to end up buying the actual sandbag or something like it with handles. The handles are really going to make the workouts easier and my form much better as well.

And then there was this: OMG my hands are green from the ink on the bag!!!

Thankfully, it came off in the wash, as they say. Otherwise I would have to leave for class and teach like that, which I’m super-loathe to do.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow is day 5 and won’t be as grueling as today’s workout, or long, and I’m excited about that. Going to get my run on!!


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