Something not so crazy happened this morning, but what I did with it WAS crazy. As a general rule, I wake up before my alarm clock. Every. Day. Normally by about 5 minutes. Not today. Today, I woke up an HOUR before my alarm was supposed to go off. As you can see from the screen shot, by the time I was up and out of bed and into the office, it was 5:20 (DO stands for Donnerstag, which is Thursday, in German). I screen shotted that to be accountable.

So as I was laying in my bed, cracking up from the 15 emails that my friend Kristi sent me a few hours prior (she’s in a different timezone, 6 hours away with the rest of you), it occurred to me that today was going to be a really hot one, and that I’d just be getting home from work around noon. I know better than to try to do a workout at noon on a hot day, so I thought to myself, ‘the workout is only 12 minutes. I can do it now, take a shower and STILL be ready for work on time’.

And so that’s what I did. Yours truly is finished with her workout at 5:45 on a Thursday morning. I still plan to do a run later today, but I can do that later in the evening once it’s cooled down a bit. Today is totally going to be a pool day, if I have anything to say about it!!

So, Day 3 of Week 2’s workout was almost too easy, and I feel like I might have been doing it wrong, or maybe I just didn’t put enough weight in my bag. I used 5 rice bags, so 5kg. I also used my Art History book for a few workouts, where it was obviously better to use it instead of the soft bag. I think this is going to be the case from now on, as the book lends itself better to things like pressing. And I think I need to buy a pink sandbag. For serious.

Here are my numbers from today:

1 Push up/clean/press/squat/press: 3/2
Lunge/press (left): 6/6
Lunge/press (right): 7/7
Single arm/clean/press: 7/8
Side Jump/center push up/side jump: 6/8
Knee lift: 20/21

Abs workout:
Lft leg bridge: 16
Rt leg bridge: 21
Overhead abs: 17

This set was filed under ‘Ab Torture’ on the site, and it’s easy to see why. This one hurt!

I only had to modify a few things. Since I don’t have an equalizer, I found an interesting solution to that problem this morning. I used one of our round rattan/wicker things from Ikea (that’s the name, I swear) that is normally for guests when we don’t have enough seats in the house. It was the right height (about) and the only issue was that it wanted to slide all over my floor (wood). I solved that problem by resting it against my couch, as you can see in the photo, and then I was able to do the technique properly enough. Which was great, for the SECOND round!! Again what learned!

And of course, I did V-ups instead of knee lifts, and used my budo bag or AH book to do the weighted ‘pink sandbag’ exercises. I really feel like this website is a full advertisement for the pink sandbag. haha.

So I didn’t get to do my workout yesterday because I really needed a nap instead. I could have done it when I came home, but I was still tired and had things to do. This means I’ll end this week on Saturday. Since I was complaining last week about 2 days being too long, I’m going to begin week three on Monday, only taking one day to ‘rest’. The plan from there is to end on Friday and start again on Sunday, thus only leaving one day for rest again. I like this better. I think it’s an ok solution.

It’s going to be interesting to try to do this while my dad’s here visiting with my stepmom. I’m going to have to do things early in the morning, since I’ll be on vacation!! I hope there’s wifi in the hotels we’ll be staying at!! I plan to bodyrock in other countries!! 🙂

In other, somewhat related news, my body isn’t looking as tight as it did after just finishing week one. I blame that fully on my not being able to do consistend workouts this week, and am hoping to fix that next week or by the end of this week by keeping up with the plan. Here’s hoping… 


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  1. countrykay says:

    Keep it up! Doing great!

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