Last night Rick (my hubby) and I supported a cause we’ve been supporting for several years now.  We went to the Mississippi Regional Blood Center in the a town very close to our community and gave blood. It’s very nice to be greeted by people whom know us and ask about the babies even if we don’t have them with us. They have watched our family grow as we continue to donate to this wonderful cause, it’s almost like a family.

Unfortunately, I had to take a break from doing it while I was pregnant & breast-feeding, a. because they won’t let you donate if you are pregnant and b. because I could never keep my iron count high enough while breast-feeding.   Even after I quit breastfeeding I was having a hard time keeping my iron up and tried several times last year to donate and could not. However, the last 2 times we have gone I’ve not had any problems, my iron count has been great. I blame Great Diet and Exercise for such great results!!

I’m  happy to be able to give back to the community with my blood donation.  My husband to date has donated 3.75 gallons of blood and I’ve only donated about 1/2 gallon but I’m working on it.

Truthfully, just another way great diet and exercise has pushed me towards making a difference not only in  my own life or my family/kids lives but in my community as well.



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  1. s_cin says:

    Good for you! 🙂

  2. countrykay says:


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