Hello, happy Sunday!

I began the second week of BodyRock’s 30-Day challenge today, and I have to say: I feel like 2 weeks off might be too much! I *almost* felt sluggish about today’s workout after having two days off! Meanwhile, last week, I felt nearly addicted to the workouts! I think I might need to put something on the second day off just to keep me active.

Today’s workout didn’t require too many modifications, since it was a lot of body-weight work. Here are the numbers I got for each workout (you had to do each workout 2x this time, since there was an ab workout today as well):

2 Push ups/Burpee/Tuck Jump: 4/4
10 High Knees/10 Mountain Climbers: 4/3.5
2 Push ups/Jump: 4/4
Frog Jump/1 Push up: 4/5

I guess, in my own sluggish defense, as least I was consistent all the way through!

For the ab workout:
Wood Chop Left: 22
Wood Chop Right: 19
Knee Raises (I modified and did V-ups on the kitchen table, since I don’t have the equalizer): 16

And I was definitely feeling it by the time I finished!!! I just hope I feel more like a badass tomorrow morning!!


So for the second workout, I needed a break. I’ll write about why in a different post, but I ended up doing Day 2 on Tuesday rather than Monday, which means I’ll be going through Friday this time. Ah well! I can swing it!

Day 2’s workout was another reps challenge. I have to say, there was a brief moment after 10 and 9 where I considered pulling out a vial of cyanide and just ending it. Instead, I modified.

As usual, my knees weren’t too happy, so I had to drop a lot of the extra jumping for the first workout. That’s really the only modification I made, except for getting impatient at the end and combining sets 3, 2, and 1 together to make a one-set of 6 superset to blast through and finish. I figured it was ok.

This workout took me just under 45 minutes to complete. 13 of those minutes were the first set of 10, spent going slow and trying to get my form right, and debating if I needed to modify anything.

I’d wanted to run today as well, but seeing as it’s 8:30 and I still have to cook dinner, shower and edit photos, running will happen tomorrow after the shorter workout!

I’m really excited that I got through this workout, and I really do think that working out helps me deal with the issues I’m having right now. Which I will write about in a separate post after cooking and showering.


More on Thursday after I’ve done another two days!! ❤ and kisses. And I can’t wait to post you guys a 2-week progress photo. The difference was already insane after week one, that’s all I’m saying!!


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  1. […] GM is kicking ass in BodyRock and I need to get back in the game. She shared her results with me after 1 week and I was amazed. The progress is just awesome. So proud of her for getting past Day2 (crazy rep day). I really want to do BodyRock, but I also really want to get into running. I keep thinking I need to sign up for a 5k and train. I do better with a tangible goal. […]

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