Hey there! It’s Thursday and my ‘Day 5’ of the challenge, which means I get 2 days off before starting again. I thought about it yesterday, and decided that I LIKE starting the workouts on Sundays rather than Mondays, since I have far more time on the weekends to get stuff done… so Sun-Thurs is great for me, and if I fall behind, then I can have the extra Friday if I need it to make up an exercise routine!

I have some excellent news: Last night, I made it through my entire budo class!! This hasn’t happened in a long time, and quite honestly, it wouldn’t have happened last night if I hadn’t gone in fully prepared, like I had for the workout earlier in the day. And, hello, I managed a full workout during the day and STILL made it through 2 hours of class!

I had a few things working in my favor: it wasn’t brutally hot out like it was a few days earlier, for starters. It was definitely not as bad as it could have been outside. Second, I went in with the cooling vest ready. Third, I didn’t wear all of my gear, since we were just doing the staff and wouldn’t be grabbing each other. And finally, we were only doing staff, and not throwing each other or doing a lot of up and down movements. So, whatever, I still made it!

I’d also like to say that I made it with flying effing colors, too. I actually felt majorly strong yesterday, and I’m going to attribute that to all of the bodyrocking I’ve done in the past week. Because honestly, it was the strongest I’ve felt in a while! So, yay across the board!!

Today’s workout felt easy in comparison to the rest of the week, although I did have to do a modification. Well, ok, a few!

Obviously, I used bags of rice in my budo bag instead of a pink sandbag, although I have to say: that sandbag and all of its handles is looking more and more like an attractive purchase each day. I bought three more bags of rice (2-E each) today, bringing my total rice bags count to 7, therefore 7kg. I only used 5 today, which ended up being about 11lbs. It was a good weight for today’s workout.

I modified the Plank Knee Tucks, since I don’t have an equalizer (although, honestly, I want one of those too, and am going to see if my local outdoor/fitness store has anything like it!). My initial idea was to use the bench that goes with the dining table, but the decline was too rough for my head, so I just did a normal plank on the floor for the tucks. I don’t see this as a huge modification, since I did the actual technique.

This workout calls for a cardio segment in the middle. I was going to do it, except I can’t find my jump rope, and I think my boyfriend brought it with him to his job site overseas. Although, since he needs knee surgery, I’m not sure why he would have brought it…? But it’s not where it usually is, which means it got moved. I certainly didn’t bring it to Japan with me! So I was going to modify and just do high knees instead of the high knee jump roping, but then I thought, ‘eff that, I’m going running later!’ and decided to just do the strength exercises (with a pause between) and then run a bit later.

*** UPDATE: René TOTALLY has the jump rope with him in Afghanistan!!! (if you’re wondering: no, he’s not military, he’s safe) ***

For the second part of the workout (the cool down), I made only small modifications: obviously, I did normal push ups instead of with the equalizer, and then used my table again for the pull ups.

I nearly dropped myself in the first set of pull ups, when I saw that there was a very small caterpillar (or something that is pupa-like) under my table, right where my face was going!! No, I didn’t kill it. I just readjusted and left it in peace. For now. I imagine it will be gone by the next time I’m back under the table and pulling up!

So, that’s my end of week one. I’m off for a run, have a great weekend! I think these updates are far too long to post all in one week, so I might keep this up for the next three, if it’s not totally annoying our readers!!




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