DSC_3405If you know me, you’d know that I preach moderation in every form, with diet, with exercise and with how much ‘anti-bacterial’ things I allow in my home… kids need to play in dirt and be exposed to germs, that is another subject for another day.  Anyway, onto my main point!

I have seen my parents struggle with every diet known to man. I’ve watched them struggle with cutting out carbs and cutting out fat & in the end the result is always the same. Like with everyone you go right back to your old habits & you start eating those ‘said things’ that you weren’t allowed on your ‘diet’. I’m not a trendy person a lot of things that are trendy now like Hello Kitty and Butterflies I loved long before the trend ever started.  Same goes for me with diets, I’m not a ‘trend’ dieter either. I actually don’t even really care for the word ‘diet’, unless of course I’m talking about what I eat on any given day. To me it’s not something you should ‘do’, it is something you just simply ‘do’, eat. Your diet would be what you eat whether you choose to do it healthy or not, it’s your choice it shouldn’t change with the trends of the times.  With that being said, I never deny myself anything I want to eat.  However, I do try to make good decisions about the things I do eat and if I feel the urge to splurge I pay attention to the portions in which I’m eating. I feel that the human body can not be denied things completely, it truly needs all things to continue to be healthy, including carbs & fats! So instead of skipping desert try eating 2 cookies instead of 5  & soon you will be eating 1 instead of 2 🙂

DSC_7968The same goes for what liquids we put into your body. GM recently posted an article about this woman who drank too much Coke-Cola and it was said that her 2.6 gallon a day addiction of Coke-Cola is what brought her to her untimely death at 30 years old. The article goes onto to say that Coke-Cola will not kill you per say but that anything in excess is certainly not good for you. Truly, too much of anything is not good.  After reading the article I was wondering is it really possible to drink too much water??  I found that it is, it’s mostly found in athletes and babies.  I found that the average person couldn’t drink themselves sick. It requires quite a bit more than I drink in a days time. When it comes to water I always use the rule ‘half your body weight in ounces of water a day’. That’s REALLY hard to do especially when you aren’t used to it.  You will spend most of the day in the bathroom, truly!

We know that Water in better for us than Coke-Cola but too much of either can harm us but little bit of one and little more of the other will promote good health.  I’m not saying drop all carbonated beverages all together.  I’ve stopped drinking them for the most part but I still splurge on the weekends from time to time just because I can but I tend to buy a small can rather than a bottle or only fill my cup one time with coke-cola and the other times with water.  Thus, making good choices and not completely denying myself.

                    I am choosing to change my lifestyle forever
                            rather than my body & diet for now. 
This change of moderation will be a forever change for the rest of my life, there’s no going back to old habits or addictions, there’s only healthy moderate living from here on out.  I have 3 babies to raise, I’m a Mom and I take that responsibility on a personal level to be here as long as I can for them. Unlike the woman whose Coke-cola addiction & her unhealthy habits took her to her grave at 30, her 8 children will never grow up to know their Mommy.

What is your choice?


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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, Wear Comfortable Shoes.

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  1. germanymarie says:

    I’m proud of you!!

  2. s_cin says:

    Love! Nice job on making smarter choices!

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