I feel the need to share a bit of information with our readers: did you know that, for the most part, the houses here in Germany don’t come with central AC? Most people don’t even own window units here. The reason for this is pretty simple: the summers aren’t so hot in Germany.

Except, that they kind of are. They’re not the blazing-hot eastern seaboard summers that I grew up with, no, but they FEEL that way to me. They’re definitely not AS hot for AS long, I’ll give them that. There are usually only two or three HOT weeks during the summer, and the rest is just nice, mild, or pleasant. And then it’s cold in winter.

I realized I should mention this earlier today, when I was writing my father an email. He’s coming for a visit in two weeks, and I wrote him to tell him to bring a bathing suit, because if the weather is too hot, we’re going to have to take a trip to the pool (for my sake). As I typed ‘there’s no AC here’, it struck me that my readers might be wondering why on earth I’m complaining about the heat outside, when, in their minds, I could just turn on the AC.

So now that that’s been clarified, I brought the fan up from the cellar today. I had a look at today’s workout and realized there was a good chance I might die if I didn’t get the fan upstairs, stat! I also prepped for what I imagine might happen during or after the workout: overheating.

I did this by filling not one, but two glasses of water and putting them in the fridge to cool off. Nothing helps me cool down as much as cold water INSIDE OF ME, except for maybe getting into a pool of cold water. Since that won’t happen (although there is a cold shower after the workout in my future), I’m doing all that I can.

As you can see in the photo, the water is in the fridge right next to the cooling vest. We’re all kinds of prepared.

I also made the decision to prep for the workout by downing an orange (also refrigerated) 20 minutes before the workout, for a little energy and some vitamins. I haven’t eaten much today, and I figured this would be a helpful little boost.

So, as it stands, there’s a fan in the living room, water and a vest in the fridge, and oranges in my stomach. I’m feeling pretty ready for today’s killer-looking workout. I am definitely intimidated by this one, I won’t lie.

Also, I’ve woken up sore the past two days. Not TOO sore, but sore. And I’ve also looked a lot ‘tighter’ in the mirror during my morning check-outs, so that’s good. I’m thinking I’ll take a photo every Monday, to see if we can spot gradual differences. We’ll see how I feel on Monday about that.

Today’s workout is another rep challenge, but it looks WAY harder than the last one. Also, the last exercise, the Reverse pull-up: I have NO IDEA how I’m going to do it. I don’t have anything to do pull-ups with here in the house. I think my only option might be to do them on the deck, in the corner, using the railing. I’ll let you know how that goes…


So, holy MODIFICATIONS, Batman.

This workout took me 35:11 to complete, but I had to modify the hell out of it.

All started out relatively well, but the first exercise was killing me with all of the jumping. My knees are relatively weak, so I didn’t make it past the first 10 jumps. I modified a few times, and ended up feeling best with standing, going down into a squat, picking up the bag, then pressing up and going back into the lunge. This was way easier on my knees. The jumps were too much today.

I only modified the triceps push ups by doing them from my knees, which had support underneath since I was on a hardwood floor.

I didn’t modify the third exercise at all (I feel proud for that, although it was the easiest one for me).

The fourth exercise that calls for reverse pull ups ended up being done with my kitchen table. I could have done it outside, except: a) I needed the fan really badly today and b) the old witch was outside and I didn’t want to have to deal with her. So I stayed indoors, under the table, and took a photo of it for you guys.

Granted, the hand positioning here is different than what they called for in the video, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I did what I could with what I had! Although, on another day, I WILL try these outdoors on the balcony when the witch is back in her cave.

This modification with the table worked well enough, but I have to get René to reinstall the pull up bar when he gets back. I think.


Overall, I’m really proud of myself for getting though this. It was really, really rough for me: I had to stop twice for long water breaks, and I paused often to catch my breath. Again, at the rep set 7 it felt never-ending, but by rep set 4 it felt like I’d already won. That’s awesome.


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  1. CultFit says:

    Nice mod with the table! Not sure if you are into climbing at all although your grip strength is putting in some really good work!!! Keep it up.

    • germanymarie says:

      I AM into climbing, but I haven’t gone lately since I have no one to go with! Once the bf is back, we’ll be at the hall 2x per week hopefully! I miss it! I agree, it was great grip practice!!

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