Happy first of May! If you were in Germany, you’d have the day off:)

This, of course, means that I woke up at 6:00 (sans alarm, this is natural) and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. So I drank my protein breakfast shake at 7 and then had an hour for it to kick in. I spent that time being majorly productive: ironing my clothes, taking out the trash and then vacuuming (I could totally do it so early since the people above me did it at 6, and the witch downstairs’ windows were open when I took the trash out, which means she’s awake).

I’m supposed to hit the pool today around 11:30, so I decided to knock this workout out as early as I could. P.S., I totally woke up sore this morning, but not TOO sore. So the workout yesterday definitely worked:)

Today’s workout doesn’t have a video, but there are photos. It’s a short one: Day 3, but once again uses the sand bag. I totally went to the Asia Mart yesterday and got some 1kg bags of rice, but I didn’t have a lot of cash, can’t pay with a card there, and more Eel was definitely necessary. Eel isn’t cheap, so I only ended up with 4kg of rice for my bag. I’ll get more later in the week when I’m back in town with more cash. But I think for today that 4kg rice + clothes (and no chafing book) will work. 5.2kg = 11.4lbs

Today’s workout is short, as I said, but you have to do each exercise for 1 minute, 3x in a full circuit, as many as you can do. That’s 12 minutes total. I’ve tracked my numbers, of course:

Sandbag Shoulder lift and drop: 9/11/11

1-Leg pushups and jump: 5/7/6

10 High Knee, 10 Mountain Climber (equals 1!): 2/3/3

Tuck Knees and Star Jump: 11/15/12

The bag was sliding on my floor for the mountain climbers, so I ditched it and did regular mountain climbers. For the 1-leg push up and jump, my knees were not happy, so I didn’t do the jumping part. Yet. Another time, later, I will:)

The abs workout was only an extra 3 minutes, with more counting:

Star Abs: 22

Left and Right Oblique Plank: 15 (each side)

I really suck at side plank, so I was excited that I only needed to rest once on each side for that workout.


I can’t judge if it was a ‘hard’ workout or not, since I’m sweating (dripping), but it is rather hot today and I don’t do well in the heat.

Observations for later in the week:

I need more rice bags and maybe a more stable bag to hold them in. I got the ‘saddlebag’ effect today with only 4. Further, I need more weight in the bag, period… I didn’t feel like it was enough today.

Also, I need to bring the fan up from the cellar, or start working out in the cellar. I’m glad I got this done early in the day before the heat got too bad. Now I can go take a cold shower to regulate my body temp and then get on with my day! POOL TIME!

I have to say, 12 minutes a day is NOT hard to handle, even if the workouts are intense. They’re not SO intense that it hurts, and honestly, I decided halfway through today that I’d be using the ‘make it harder’ options they sometimes give before this 30-day challenge is up.


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