As you may have read, Michelle and I are embarking on a 30-day Bodyrock fitness challenge. We might not be able to do it every day as most do, but we’re going to do it as often we can until we’re at the end of the challenge. Whether that takes 30 or 60 days is up in the air, and I don’t necessarily mind if it takes longer, since I’ll be doing a lot of other fitness-related stuff along the way.

So the first day of the challenge is a fitness test (view it HERE) that we’ll most likely be referring back to along the way, in order to track our progress. I think I did pretty well for day one, but I know that by the end I’ll be doing much better! So, I’m excited about that.

I took the fitness test BEFORE going to Japan, and then didn’t do anything with the challenge for two weeks. So I did the fitness challenge again today, to see where I am a month later. Below are my fitness test results, before/after Japan:

Squat Jumps: 16/18

Push ups: 17/13

Burpees: 9/8

High Knees: 110/114

Switch Lunge: 20/25

Tuck Jumps: 23/17

Tricep Dips: 15/13

Straight Abs: 19 (I did lying leg raises instead, since I’ve been enjoying my back NOT hurting lately)/18

I’d like to state for the record that I, too, think that the photos on the site are majorly intimidating, and I’m not exactly sure what or to whom they’re selling, but whatever. I also agree that the Bodyrock trainers are majorly positive and concerned that the viewers do the workouts CORRECTLY rather than quickly. I appreciate that a LOT. I’d rather be slow than sloppy.

Also, I was inspired by Kamay to take a ‘before’ photo, to see or show if there has been any progress at the end of the challenge. I imagine there will be, and because of that, I don’t mind sharing this photo with you now:

Check out my awesome sports bra and shoes! I’m usually pretty manly (and my students often fear me), but I love to rock some hot pink. It is a color that goes pretty well with my skin and hair, I think, and doesn’t look overly girly when I wear it. I’ll tell you my theory on ME wearing hot pink another day.

This photo was taken this morning. I’m approximately 10 days off my period’s next arrival, which means the water’s already starting to hang on. I’m not concerned.

So now we’ve got an image in our heads of what I’ll be working with. As I said earlier, I don’t expect to lose weight, although I AM hoping to tone. A lot. I’ll make sure to track my measurements as well:)


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  1. Yahoo!!! So am I!!! How exciting! I cannot wait!

  2. Michelle S. says:

    i love you. i will be posting soon (after i figure out the tripod) 🙂 You would’ve been proud of how i handled a few bags of mulch today. I’m getting some guns! xoxo

  3. countrykay says:

    Rick wants to take pictures of me like this & I won’t let him… I’m so self-conscience about my stretchmarks. He always tells me they are beautiful and a mark of a woman who was blessed with babies but I just can’t do it… I’m aweful I know ;/

  4. germanymarie says:

    you’re not awful!! Your before and after was just fine and you could totally see the difference! You can photoshop those out, if you feel like that about it! Stretch marks are an easy fix, you know that! That’s not doctoring if it helps:) xo

  5. Michelle S. says:

    you are not awful!! i’m trying to get the courage to take pictures of myself, too! we can’t all be as brave as GM 🙂 you had babies. be proud of what your body went through. xoxoxo

  6. germanymarie says:

    I need to share something with you guys: I LOVE putting terrible photos of myself on the internet. Why? because there’s way less of a chance that some perv is going to whack off to it. I know my thinking is twisted, but I’ve got a flickr account full of images that I had to make private because of perverts. So this totally unflattering photo of me isn’t going to be anyone’s desktop photo? That’s fine!

  7. s_cin says:

    I wish I thought of a before & after, but luckily I have photos from “before” that are perfect for reflecting back on. Git R Done G! 🙂

  8. […] was fitness test day, and as you can see from the first, initial fitness challenge when I began, the idea is to see what progress you’ve made after two weeks. The post on the […]

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