Today is the day that I ‘take my life back’ and get back into my routine. Or something like it.

My beginning measurements, since they should be recorded:
Weight: 62.7kg (or 133.8).
Inches: 34/26.5/41.

I honestly don’t expect those to change too much, if the past 4 months are any evidence. I don’t care if they change (although I really hope my chest size doesn’t go down!!), but I do intend to see some more definition as things progress (my ass and hamstrings look kind of cottage-cheesy right now).

Here’s the schedule for today:

Wake up. (accomplished)
Protein shake. (currently drinking)
Wait two hours for shake to kick in. In this time, correct student writing, maybe even clean the house.
Push ups OR Yoga.

I’ve been drinking a protein shake in the mornings to boost my metabolism and get me going, it’s been helping a LOT for keeping me awake through the mornings. No tea needed when I’ve had my shake! My protein shake is simple: 1.5 cups of chocolate oat milk, 1 banana, and 1 Tbsp Hemp protein powder.

I use Hemp powder since I can’t have soy or gluten, and most protein powders generally have either soy or casein or wheat in the mix. It’s a funny greenish color, but it has no flavor and I appreciate that. Nothing should come between me and my chocolate/banana mixes!

I’ll be back using the C210k running program, since I didn’t make it past week 9 before my back got hurt. I’m currently back in week 6 right now, getting back to running nonstop for 30 minutes. I’ll also do the 100 push ups test, to get some in and see where I am strength-wise. I won’t be following the program, but I might use it here and there on my off/non-arm days.

Even with all of my loafing around/’getting back to life’ in the past two weeks, I’ve lost about a kilo (or 2lbs). It’s sad to say, but these two lbs have made some of my best clothing NOT FIT anymore. I’m pissed about that. I’d gotten to a point where I thought I might be done with shopping for a while, and would only need ‘seasonal updates’. But NAY: my two favorite pencil skirts, which are the staples or backbone of my teaching wardrobe, are now currently too big. Not all over, but the waist is too big, and on a pencil skirt that’s NO GOOD. Also, a few of my better ‘work tops’ are too big. Even with the padded bras. WTF.

So I had to go shopping yesterday and pick up a few things to hold me over. I was afraid to buy too much, since there is a possibility that I might lose another kilo (or 4). I don’t want to buy too much, just for it to NOT fit. So I’ve got a few things to keep me going either way. And if my weight stays constant, I’ll hit the sales at the end of next month and makes ure to buy some hot stuff while I’m traveling out-of-country next month. I can’t post where, since it’s a surprise for my visitors. But you’ll get updates as I run around Europe, be sure of that.

The thing I love about pants like jeans and chinos is that you can toss them in the dryer if you start to lose weight, to get some added mileage out of them. I don’t know about you guys, but I NEVER dry my jeans, since that makes them wear down faster. In fact, I hardly ever wash the good pairs, because I want them to last. So with my current pants, I can just let them go into the dryer and then I can wear them for longer.

Speaking of long, this got long. I’ll post another update tomorrow after I’ve gotten through the workout I’ve got planned!



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