As you’ve probably read, I’m having an amazing time here in the land of the light. I’ve posted a few updates about what we’ve been doing to share with our readers, but I haven’t spoken too much about what I’m having issues with. I feel like it’s important to discuss these things. On one hand, maybe I’m trying to be TOO perfect and am mad at myself for kind of failing. On the other hand, maybe I could be doing better?

So here’s a list and some descriptions of what’s going on. I’d love some feedback if you have any thoughts!

1. My sleep pattern it totally jacked-the-eff-up.
I’m not usually one to suffer jetlag, but I think this might be what it is. It’s either that, or I’m just too effing excited to be here. What’s going on? I’m having trouble sleeping. I sleep, on average (until now) about 6 hours a night. This isn’t normal for me by my German-life-standards. In DE, I NEED 8 hours of sleep in order to function. Here, I’m naturally waking up after 5 or 6. I used to be a 6-hours kind of lady when I lived in the states, but not lately. So I’m not sure if this is a jetlag issue (honestly, I have to force myself to go to bed, I’m usually not even tired when I go to my room) or just an ‘I’m so excited to be here that I can’t turn ‘off” issue.

2. I can’t read the labels on things and may or may not be eating like shit.
My Japanese is below beginner-level. It is ABSOLUTE beginner-level. This means I can’t read a damn wrapper, even if I try.  So I have NO idea what I’m ingesting. In my defense, I have a good idea of what is made with gluteny ingredients and what’s not, and most everything here is made with rice flour rather than, say, wheat flour, but still.

To add to this, the pastries here are SO good. If these are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

On the upside, I’ve been very good about forcing myself to eat, and thankfully in Asia, it’s pretty easy to eat something and then be hungry again in two hours. Most of the fast food is actually pretty healthy (like that onigiri I posted on the first day), so when I’m constantly eating and on-the-go, I’m not too worried. I’m definitely meeting, or coming close to, 1500 calories per day. I HAVE to be, with how much I’m eating! I’m just worried about all of those delectable pastries I’ve been eating!

3. No fitness so far aside from what’s necessary.
I’m saying it that way because of my time schedule. Every day goes like this: wake up a few hours before training, hang around the apartment. Train. Shower (maybe). Go out and do things (ride bikes or walk, for a few hours). Dinner. Sleep.

I know that with the extra time I have in the mornings, I could be going for a run or doing a bodyrock workout. But I’m not. And I’m NOT for two reasons:
1- I already need to wear a cooling vest during the 2 hour trainings.
2- I don’t want to overwork myself and possibly miss out on the trainings and stuff we’re doing by relapsing or having general weakness/fatigue.

I would totally have partners if I wanted to do these things, and in fact one of the girls went for a run without me one morning because I was still too tired to function. I WANT to be doing more and doing the things I’m supposed to be doing, but I really don’t want to push myself. For that reason, I’m sticking to what we have to do (and are paying to do, this training seminar was NOT cheap) rather than going overboard. I’m not sure how I feel about this. But walking or biking for about 2 hours each day is still better than NOT doing those things.

Oh, and I totally left my running/training pants at home by accident. So if I were to run, I’d have to wear my sleepy pants. Which wouldn’t be terrible.

Something I plan to do to correct this issue is ‘house yoga’. Every woman here loves yoga, so we’re going to try to do that, even though we haven’t yet. We’ve talked about it and that’s a start!

4. The sake.
It is kind of illegal to come here and not imbibe in the amazing (rice) wine. And it’s also something that we have to do in polite company; so we all kind of have to drink, to an extent, even though we’re being really good about not overdoing it for the most part. Yeah, on the second night I drank WAY too much, but it was more like I had NO IDEA how strong the stuff was that we were drinking (‘Man Sake’, says Sensei), so that was my own fault. I’ve been very conscious since that night about NOT overdoing it. I can totally hold my own when it comes to sake, thankfully. But still. Not good for my girlish figure!!


These are the issues I’m dealing with. Am I being a perfectionist for being annoyed with myself (kind of) for not being a fitness badass while I’m here? I know I’m here to work but this is still my vacation!! Help?!


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    don’t be so hard on yourself for enjoying the experience. you’re already a fitness badass for going to Japan to train in the first place! 🙂 I mean that.

    Very few people have the courage to travel to another country, let alone one where they don’t speak the language. and you are there with some badass chicks. So awesome.

  2. s_cin says:

    You’re not wrong about being annoyed, but like Michelle said, don’t beat yourself up, because I do it too. If you can still fit into the jeans you brought, you’re doing ok. You’re going walking, and biking some, so it’s not like you’re NOT doing anything else while you’re there.

    If you feel like you want to do something else fitness wise while over there, try this: jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, and crunches in that order. Do 2-3 sets of 15-20 for a fast no weights workout.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

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