Konichiwa! I’m here in Japan, and it’s officially 9:00pm, which I believe means that means it’s 9am on the east coast… so good morning from the future. Today was lovely and I hope you have the same great weather that I had today!

The last two days were eventful, but uneventful at the same time. I can explain.

I took this photo somewhere over Mongolia. Badass, eh?

So, I wrote a REALLY long little diary entry about yesterday, since it was about 30 hours long for me from wake up to sleepy time, but I’ll post about all of that on my regular blog and then link to it later for you. The abridged version is that I arrived in the morning (also 9am) and had a whole day sans luggage (which was taken by the man in charge of picking us up) to walk the city. I spent 5 or 6 hours in Tokyo trying to meet a friend and see my 13th Claes sculpture. It was ALL metro stops and wind delays. I met awesome people who helped me, since my Japanese is NOT great and I really can’t read more than a few characters yet. But I saw the sculpture, ate some tempura, and then made my way back to the honbu.

I got in 5-6 hours of traveling around the city, but in my head when I factor in the amount of time sitting on a train against walking the streets, I’d say I got in about 1.5 hours of walk time. But I’m ok with that! There’s a lot more to be had:) AND I took the stairs since they were faster than the escalators every single time.

It turned out that the two girls who were also supposed to arrive yesterday’s planes were also delayed from landing by the wind, so instead of them coming to the honbu in the evening, they had to stay near the airport with our transporter. So I spent the first night alone and that was actually not terrible, except that I had no luggage or anything with me. I suffered from mild jetlag and was awake at midnight and 4am, and had to eat both times. I feel much more ‘on schedule’ today and am sure I’ll drink myself to sleep if it doesn’t happen when it should.

Today started training for the three of us who are here. The other two arrive tomorrow just before training, so we’ll all be on the mat tomorrow. Today was kind of a review of last year’s info before we move on, but tomorrow is ALL NEW stuff and that’s going to be awesome. I’ve already learned a lot today and had so many questions answered, so the next 10 days of training are going to be excellent.

Training went from 10 – 12, and then we went out to get some food. On the way there (we walked to the restaurant, which was 1 mile each way) we passed this adorable little thing in the window of a pet shop. It’s not crouching, it was a munchkin kitty with the cutest little pug face and curly ears EVER. Amanda kind of wanted to take it home, but apparently it’s not for sale. Sads!

We ate at a restaurant we’ve eaten at before and the food was INSANE. I had tempura noodle soup and a side of tuna sashimi. I love how healthy I eat here!

Then we rolled back to the honbu and hung out drinking tea for a while, and then after that Amanda and I rode bikes to the large general store (1.5 miles away) where we’ll purchase just about everything we need in the next two weeks. Imagine 3 Wal-Marts stacked on top of each other, that’s how big it is. EVERYTHING is there.

They have a farmer’s market on the ground floor, and we were there primarily to pick up food to make dinner and lunch for the next day (we wanted food for the girls when they arrive, so they don’t starve before training!). We found the most AMAZING produce there:

How about THEM apples? Can we say, ‘Big in Japan’? Yes, we can, these things are bigger than what I’m sporting naturally. And they are home-grown here in the area. We bought them just to take them home, take photos of them, and then eat them, of course!

So there’s one vegetarian and a vegan here this time around, and when you couple that with my GFDF eating (most of the time), it means we’ll be eating INSANELY well while we’re here. So I’m happy about that, because even the junk food here is healthy. We’re officially already eating rice and stir fry tomorrow, and that will be the default food for just after training on most days, since we can set the rice maker before class and then come back to finished rice.

We’re always hungry right after training, even if we didn’t work that hard. So, awesome that there’s a rice maker here.

The food that I eat the most of here in Japan is called Onigiri, and they are little rice balls (in many shapes, but I always get the triangles) with different fillings. The ones here are (front to back) fatty tuna, seaweed and chicken with mayo. They are SUPER yummy and I love them so much that I learned to make them back home in Germany. It’s hard to find good stuffings for them in Europe (that I like) but I know how and that makes me happy enough.

So expect to see photos of me eating these things in the coming weeks. They’re perfect for carrying around since they’re individually wrapped and super cheap (these are about 1-Euro each with the current exchange rate… YES).

In summary, in the past two days I’ve walked Tokyo, trained for 2 hours, gone walking and ridden bikes. And tomorrow morning two of us will go running before class and then we’ll all probably walk to the store afterwards.

Fitness, yes. Healthy eating, YES. SUPER FUN? YES!


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  1. countrykay says:

    Having fun in Hello Kitty Land, Jealous! LOL! Can’t wait to hear more!! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Michelle S. says:

    i love this!!!! kittah was so cute! have a blast 🙂 xoxo

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