Pacing myself has NEVER been a strong point in any area of my life. I usually going Mach5 with my hair on fire or I’m not moving at all. My Facebook posts are hilarious to go back and read, I’ve either done enough stuff for 3 days in a few hours or I’m sitting at my desk scrapbooking.
Unfortunately, up till today that is kind of how I’ve been treating my running and exercise regiment, I’ve either been all in or not at all.   As most know I’ve been taking it slow, I actually got up and weighed and measured myself and the scale didn’t seem like it was being ALL that nice to me (truly I felt like crying).  I’d been avoiding doing this for days just simply because I didn’t want to know.

Does everyone have these terrible down times of struggle where they just feel like they are not motivated??  I know that moving my running from inside to outside became really discouraging to me.  I was running great inside could jog for 25-30 minutes with no problem, however when I moved to the outside I was having problems with my shins & legs and the endurance, I just couldn’t run the times I could inside. The lack endurance just pushed me farther away – with the discouragement came lack of motivation. It was as though the set back became a challenge I thought I could not overcome. Like meeting a challenge and deciding without trying it’s too hard, definitely something I don’t want to teach my kids to do! After reading the scale this morning which really just stayed steady and hadn’t moved a whole lot I made the mental decision, “this is the time to shine”. I need to step it up a notch, I’m being ridiculous!

I had recently talked to many friends who run that live close to me that understand the change in weather and the change from inside to outside exercise.  All of them seemed to say the same thing that moving from indoors to outdoors was harsh and hard and felt like a set back, the ground is hard & uneven and the weather can make a major difference in your performance. It was nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one having to deal with such a problem. That truly it was VERY normal, apparently you push yourself twice as hard in the open air. Thus came the ‘Pace’ talk. Every single one of them said that they had to find their ‘Pace’ before they were really able to find their grove and put up the numbers that they had been seeing over the winter months inside.  My son’s god-mother runs some crazy like 11 miles, I only desire to be like that!! She always tells me how great I’m doing and how ‘skinny’ I look…I’m getting there but I’m far from 11 miles, I feel like I’m far from 2 miles at this point however, I’m determined to not be discouraged!  I’m determined to FIND MY PACE!

This morning I did my 5-7 minute warm up walk down the gravel road, as soon as I hit the pavement I took off jogging, at first it wasn’t too bad. Keep in mind I’ve been walking many miles for the past few weeks but not jogging. I wanted to make it to my neighbor’s house but as I kept looking ahead at how far I had to go still I felt my rate increase as though I was trying to get there faster, until I really was sprinting. This is bad, I didn’t make it nearly as far I was done earlier and had to resort to walking. I was then aggregated at myself. WHY CAN I NOT JUST SLOW DOWN?! Is it the looking ahead, is it the music in my ears and the beat of the drum WHAT?!? So I walked past the neighbors and to the adjoining road and turned to head back home to put my 6-year-old on the bus. I walked back to the neighbor’s house and decided to jog back to the gravel… as of today I had been unable to do that. I focused my sight on the ground right in front on me never looking up at where I needed to go or the ending point,  just strictly focusing on the steps I was taking right now and I simply kept repeating to myself ‘EASY’… which is something I often have told a horse when riding and it wants to take off to follow other horses.  ‘Easy’ was my mantra today, it helped me to keep my pace. I really could feel myself wanting to pull an wanting to go faster, Why is this?? It’s like a race horse that’s forced to trot instead of giving it’s all on the track. I could feel myself holding back like I could run so much faster but I’d never make it to the point where I had set to end. TODAY! I made it from the neighbor’s house to the gravel without stopping to walk.  I felt like I was going at a snail’s pace but I jogged the entire way and when my feet met that gravel I literally jumped straight in the air with my hands held high over my head I was SOO excited I had made it!!

Here’s the point where I say PACE! it’s SO unbelievably important & SO looked over.  Find your own PACE, remember SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!

This is a very good children's book to which Donald learns from Goofy, "Slow and steady wins the race!"

This is a very good children’s book to which Donald learns from Goofy, “Slow and steady wins the race!”

Is you need help I found this is pretty handy: Pace Calculator

Here’s my standings far:                     Week 1: 198 lbs  46/40/45
Week 4: 181 lbs  42/34/40
Week 7: 179 lbs 40/33/39
Today:  175 lbs 39/33/38


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  1. germanymarie says:

    Awesome! I’m so proud of you and your progress!! I know it’s hard to get out and we often push ourselves to go faster than we should when we’re alone and outside. I had this problem also!

    Something I learned in my years of running track: running is a lot like driving a car. Don’t look too far ahead, just far enough ahead to make sure you keep driving straight, rather than veering into the next lane! So I think that your decision to look down was the best one. I don’t look ahead very often, unless I’m looking for people! I tend to look down also.

    Keep going! Great job!

  2. countrykay says:

    Thanks GM, Looking down and keeping my Mantra worked again today – went a little farther today even 🙂 YAY!

  3. s_cin says:

    Get em girl! GRRRR!

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