Project02I have been struggling the past few weeks after my bout with stress and such and getting back to my routine, I’ve posted about it and despite all of it, I’ve been pressing through it however, it’s just not been easy. I really feel like I’m treading water some days, like I’ve lost all forward momentum.

What causes this lack of motivation?? Sometimes it’s physical and sometimes its mental there are so many things that can trigger it. It’s amazing with all the triggers how we ever get out of bed in the morning, truly!

The sun is my biggest motivator – the winters here are long and dark, not Alaska dark, but very overcast.  There are sometimes in the winter where we will go weeks without seeing a blue sky or seeing/feeling the suns rays. Talk about depressing literally!  On top of that it’s COLD & I’m a total bear when it comes to winter, I’d like to hibernate. I’d like to go to bed on the 1st day of a late cold fall and wake up in the early warm spring. Too bad no one else in my house feels the same way LOL!

My mother has always said I’m a sun baby & so it’s the sun that makes me feel alive but it really needs to feel warm outside – sun and cold is good but sun and warm is AWESOME! I feel like I’m 16 again and running down the beach without a care in the world… Unfortunately I have to often remind myself that I’m 30 and I live in a land locked state…booo 😦   Getting old ain’t for sissy’s.

So the past few weeks I’ve been dragging and because of the way I was feeling I was doing some research to find out if possibly there was something wrong with me??  If there was any physical reason I was feeling less motivated or if it was just my mind fighting with me LOL!

Have you ever had that happen?? you have that argument in the wee hours of the morning as to why you don’t want to or why you shouldn’t get out of your nice warm bed to work out… its like this ongoing struggle in my mind. Thank God my husband vetoes me from time to time, he will come get me up and say “UP! I know you don’t wanna but you needa!”  & if I don’t move he will tickle me & I’m TERRIBLY ticklish, till I’m WIDE AWAKE.  I often grumble and call him a ‘punk*ss’ under my breath but I know deep down he’s just ‘motivating’ me.  Or he will motivate me by telling me before he goes to sleep that tomorrow is supposed to be nice you should go for a run or you should go for a walk. It’s like he can see me slipping away from the desired routine and he’s pushing me forward. I can’t say I’m always overly happy that he’s pushing as a matter or fact I’m usually aggravated about it but it’s okay it gets the job done and I’m super happy & in good mode when I get back. It’s like he knows what I need.

So back to my research:  I’ve found that lack of motivation, barriers & lack of enthusiasm can be a LONG list of things for example:
Lack of Faith in One’s Abilities
Fear of Failure
Low Self Esteem
Lack of Interest
Fear of Change
Fear of what others might say
Not feeling as though you have the time
Stress or Nervousness
You really don’t have enough time to exercise
You find it inconvenient to exercise
You find exercise boring or not enjoyable
You fear being injured b/c of previous injury
You don’t have anyone to build you up or encourage you when you are doing good.

Most of these are mental but some are physical however, over time you can learn to disregard them by simply being aware of them and training yourself to make better decisions.   It’s really easy for people to show enthusiasm and work really hard for something and then begin to lose interest  because they find it’s hard to continue on the same pace or get bored with it. This happens A LOT with people especially with exercise and I think it’s great that we change-up our routines often to help with that problem.

There are many ways to work through your motivation issues and they are outlined really well here in these two articles:
Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity
Lack of Motivation & Enthusiasm

After reading all of this and realizing it really was just mental with me and  lack of desire truly. I’ve sat down and redid  my goals, which pretty much put me back to where I was before however, after seeing the amount of time I have I really feel like I can truly obtain them. I was getting discouraged, but I really feel like another 30 lbs in 3 and half months is totally doable. I’ve also decided on a larger goal at the end and it will be an entirely NEW, Brand NEW, not 2nd hand store New, BRAND NEW wardrobe & this wasn’t my decision it was my husband’s. He said it will be something I would SO deserve for all the hard work. (secretly he loves to spoil me but he doens’t want anyone to know it)

I’m now SUPER excited about getting back to the grind only… Double Time!


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    I’m right there with you. I think mine has been mental and then we all got sick w/ that nasty stomach virus and just hadn’t been able to find my footing. But I’m starting to feel better. Funny how we all kind of went through this at the same time. 🙂 You can do it. Talk yourself into it for a few days and it’ll get easier and easier. That’s what I’m telling myself!

  2. countrykay says:

    I’ve been trying… so far so good. I keep seeing all the cute clothes at the store and it makes me want to run for hours LOL! I can’t wait to get new clothes, I’m so easily motivated!

  3. countrykay says:

    As for all of us going through it, it’s good to show how we are human and aren’t super women who never stop.

  4. germanymarie says:

    Go Go go!!! Yay you!!! I know how you feel.

  5. s_cin says:

    I think everyone has that lack of motivation, no matter what it is. I even have days where I’m not motivated to vacuum! It’s ok to let yourself be lazy for a day, but after that, it’s back to work! Keep it up!

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