I know I’ve been missing, and I’m sorry for that! I’ve been recovering and working really hard (like some major overtime, which I LOVE because it means more money at the end of the year and more time off whenever I want it!!!) and trying to think about my new fitness plans and schedule, now that I have to restart. I’ve also been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work here on the blog, mostly just organizing guest bloggers and having conversations with people about what we do!

So not only do I have to re-start with the fitness routine(s), but I need to start from what might be a ‘fitness level’ of near-ZERO. On top of that, I have little to no time for fitness in the coming weeks, as I am working 20 – 30 hours of overtime between this and next week, and then I immediately jump on a plane to Japan for 2 weeks, where I’ll be training for 2 hours each day. It’s smart to say that there is a lot going on and a lot to do. I have such a small amount of time that I’m ALREADY trying to pack for Japan, since I know I might not have the time to do it next week!! WTF!

I’ve had a lot of time to think and consider things as I’ve been on my ass recovering. There are things that I’ve decided, and things that I have planned, and I want to share them all here so we’re on the same page as I (we) move forward.

~ I’m done with the 100 workout. It was good for the two weeks that I was doing it, but I want to try something new now.

~ Further, I want to try to stick to doing less and concentrating more. I certainly don’t mean LESS fitness, but I do mean fewer trials at the same time.

~ For this reason, I’m also taking a break from the 100 push ups routine, in order to focus on something else. The push ups on their own aren’t enough of a workout, but I want to try ONE type of full-body workout rather than combining two or three to make my own.

~ I’m going to keep running and pushing towards a 10k, but I won’t be doing the 10k race here in April. I found out that the track is really boring and mostly concrete, and I won’t have enough time to prepare now that I’ve lost 2 weeks of training. I’m starting the training this week at week 5, which is the last week of intervals before JUST running for 30 minutes at a time. This time, however, I’m using the C210k app rather than the C25k app, because I’ve deleted the 5k one already.

~ I’m going to take on ONE new fitness routine for the time being, and I will try to squeeze it in as I can. I’m not going to work so hard to schedule myself in these next few weeks, since I don’t have the time and I don’t intend to be hard on myself for working hard. I’m going to walk whenever possible, run whenever I can, and work out whenever I can. I’ll track it, and write about it, but I won’t put it on a calendar.

I’ve chosen to (not) do this for two reasons. First, it’s very easy for me to push myself into a relapse by not getting enough rest and by stressing myself out. Since I’m already going to be working more, I can’t expect to be able to work out every day like I was when I wasn’t working a lot. I know better than to set unrealistic goals for myself, and so instead of setting rules and the like, I’m going to do these things WHENEVER I CAN, instead. It won’t be as much as I’d like, but it will be more than I’ve done in the past two weeks and it will certainly be enough when combined with two weeks of martial arts and touring Japan.

Second, I read an article as I was trying to figure out why I was feeling bad (before I realized I wasn’t eating enough), and it was talking about fitness/workout addiction. I was concerned for a moment that maybe I was doing TOO much. As it turns out, I wasn’t, but something that was written in an article stuck with me, and it was this: ‘People who are addicted to fitness schedule their lives around their workouts. People who are NOT addicted to fitness schedule their workouts around their lives‘.

I have known people who were addicted, and there was a point when I was addicted (although, in my own defense, at that time, I was in a very bad relationship and I took all opportunities to get out of the house that we shared… so of COURSE I spent a lot of time at the gym making myself far more attractive to potential saviors from said bad relationship…), and I’m not trying to be that way again.

So until I have free time, I’m going to do as much as I can, but I won’t be stressing myself out if I can’t be Iron-Woman. Yet.

~ With all of that being said, the next routine I’m going to be trying is Bodyrock. It might have been mentioned earlier, but Michelle and I are planning to work our way(s) through February’s 30-day challenge. Obviously, as I stated above, I most likely won’t be able to work out every day, but I’m planning to do the workouts in succession for 30 days of working out.

It will probably take me about 2 months.

I’m ok with that.

It will be interesting to see what the results are when it’s done slower, but I don’t think they will be bad or even less. And hey, at the end of it, it’ll be bathing suit season. Excellent plan, if I don’t say so myself.


So that’s where I’m currently sitting. This week I’ll get back to runs, and next week I’ll start with the bodyrock challenges. until then, if I can squeeze in some Yoga, I’ll be doing that, too. Yoga is my favorite fall-back.


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  1. countrykay says:

    Take your time and take your own pace, don’t stress yourself. I think you are doing great!! Most importantly enjoy your life and ENJOY Japan 🙂

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  3. […] the cardio so I am planning to jumpstart my spring/summer with the 30 day Bodyrock workout that GM mentioned earlier in her post. I also want to work on my core because my back still aches terribly and a great way to combat a […]

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