measurementsAs of today, I’ve lost 10 lbs since I started posting to this blog.

I didn’t think I could really do it. That’s a lot of weight for me and I feel great! It was never really about the weight for me. My focus has been to get in shape, eat healthy and be more active. I knew if I did those things, the weight would just come off.

I think I can safely say that I’ve accomplished that.

My yoga class is over and, since I’m a SAHM (who is currently venturing back to school to pursue a Masters thankyouverymuch), money is tight so I didn’t sign up for another session. Instead, I’ve been trying to get outside everyday and walk.

That’s not quite enough though. With the recent change in weather (when did we jump straight from winter to summer?) — I’ve been doing some gardening. Oh, and chasing after a 14 month old little boy who doesn’t stay in one place for too long.

Doing work around the house, including gardening, and getting outside as much as possible, is really keeping me active. I sit very little these days. I have found that I’m not as tired in the afternoons, unless my allergies kick in and force me to take a nap … or a non-drowsy allergy pill.

I know that if I want to tone, I have to kick up the cardio so I am planning to jumpstart my spring/summer with the 30 day Bodyrock workout that GM mentioned earlier in her post. I also want to work on my core because my back still aches terribly and a great way to combat a sore back is to build up your core muscles. I won’t be doing crunches though, thanks to Steph’s research.

It’s easy for me to get outside during the day because I’m a SAHM, but if I were working I’d definitely be taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away and making myself walk. Even if you change little things, they add up. They may not make THE difference, but they might encourage you to do more than you are, and sometimes that’s enough to push you in the right direction. spring tulips

Sitting less has definitely helped me. Sitting strains your back muscles more than standing or laying down. I’m sure bending over constantly and holding a wiggly 25lb child isn’t helping my back problem, but there isn’t much I can (or want to) do about that.

Spring is officially here. With the sun shining and the weather turning, it’s a great time to make some small changes toward leading a more active, healthier lifestyle. Set small goals: participating in a 5k, walking up hill without feeling like you’re going to die, being able to wear that pair of shorts you barely fit into last year. Whatever it may be. Write it down. Put it out there and work toward accomplishing it. You’ll feel so good when you get there. And you WILL get there.

We are happy to help you along the way 🙂


About Michelle S.

"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever..." Make each day better than the day before.

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  1. germanymarie says:

    I forgot to mention in my post that I’m ALSO planning to stay away from crunches for a while… I’ve been doing them my whole life, and I’ve had back pain my whole life. If the two are connected I’m going to find out!! I have something for you that I’ll send via email:)

  2. s_cin says:

    If you stand up for 1-2 minutes every 30 min-hour, that also helps your core! Or get a core ball and use that for your chair!

  3. This was a good read, health & fitness is important to have in your life for sure.

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