One of the great things about where I work is that there are 2 gyms that are free to anyone stationed on post and their families, or employees. One looks like a huge gymnasium gym, while the other is a bit smaller. I usually am at the big gym after work for at least an hour. I started taking some of the fitness classes about 2 years ago which brought something new into my routine. But what I realized was how hard classes are once you stop going  for a while.

I really enjoy one in general; Cardio/Core Fusion. It’s an hour-long class that encorporates cardio with core work, and boy does it kick your a*#. When I first started going, I noticed my attitude during the hour was “knock it out and get it done.” The reasoning behind this was because it is very much like the workouts; we do moves for 30 seconds – 1 minute long with short rest periods in between. We’re allowed to take breaks and drink water whenever we want, so it’s not like we’re suffering at all. So the faster I did the number of reps given, the more I had to rest before the next move or cardio burst. The instructor changes it up in terms of circuits: we either do a certain number of reps for each move/cardio, or we do each move/cardio for a certain time period, then move onto the next. I realized when we were doing a certain number of reps, I looked around and saw it was becoming more like a competition, and some weren’t doing all the reps, neither of which I liked.

After about a year of doing this class 1 day a week, for some reason I started to not enjoy it, but I really don’t know why. Maybe it was because I was trying to do strength training 3x a week, and wanting to get the most out of the gym. So I stopped the class and did other kinds of cardio and getting my strength training in. I tried out a spin class recently, and although I was sweating like crazy, I wasn’t impressed because I wasn’t sore at all the next day. I hurt more in the groin area from sitting on a bicycle seat for an hour. So the girl I was doing the core/cardio class wanted to start going back, and I said sure, why not.

I realize that everyone in this class is going to be way different fitness wise. I was making sure that when I was doing each move, I was pushing myself to get it done, while keeping good form and not cheating myself. I also found myself helping others out to make sure they were doing them right, like the plank/side plank move. I always see someone in the class too high or low, or not able to hold the move because of  bad positioning. There was a girl next to me last week who had a bad foot, and kept falling out of side plank. I told her to put her top foot out to the side for more stability, and sure enough, it helped.

What I didn’t realize was because I hadn’t been to the class in at least a year, I felt so out of shape doing the same moves I remember doing before, but that didn’t bother me so much. Rather, it made me want to push myself more to get back to where I was. About halfway through the class, I looked at the girl I usually go with and we both agreed if we want to do this class well, we need to keep going and not slack. That way we won’t feel like we can’t get through the whole workout.  One thing that never fails though; each time I finish this class, I’m always sore and I feel like I got a good workout. I never actually thought I would enjoy taking a class since someone else was giving me directions.

Bottom line, if you are enjoying a class and feel like it’s a good addition to your goal, keep doing it; it will eventually pay off and you will feel that much better.


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  1. I actually like to mix up my workouts with a class or something where someone is giving me instructions. It seems like that helps me not to worry about what to do next. Sometimes if I think about what to do next, I tell myself “do nothing.” Haha! I know that’s lazy but that’s how I can get sometimes.

    • Michelle S. says:

      I have the same problem. That’s why I loved my yoga class. I got lost in the instruction and didn’t even worry about what I looked like while doing poses, what drama was going on at the time, what everyone else was doing around me. It was awesome.

    • s_cin says:

      I agree. I feel like it lets you concentrate more on the workout itself because you don’t have to look at a piece of paper or something and waste more time for what’s next. I have gotten really good at memorizing workouts though 🙂

  2. There is nothing like having someone you know in the class wih you to give you that extra bit of motivation! Keep going and get back to where you were….and when you’re there move even further ahead.

  3. sweetopiagirl says:

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  4. germanymarie says:

    I ttotally agree… I often wish I had someone to do my stuff with here, but that’s why I have you guys! I really love being in a class and being told what to do once in a while. I totally agree that I like not having to think about what comes next sometimes.

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