I’m definitely feeling better than I was last week, but my spine is still messed up. I spent most of the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing, with a side of baking and napping.

I’m not usually one to just lay down and ‘take it’, but I know that it’s important for me to really follow my doctor’s advice (my doctor is a friend, so I really trust his opinion, especially since the Germans aren’t prone to lying or sugar-coating things). The last thing I want is to have this issue come back later, sooner than it should.

I’ve been taking the prescribed painkillers and taking it FAR too easy, and I’ve finally reached the point where I’m majorly bored and wishing I could get back to working out. I really feel like the last 2 months of fitness are going to be completely lost by the time I’m able to get back to anything, and that makes me really annoyed! I’m tired of lying around and not doing anything, but it still really does hurt too much to do anything MORE than walk a little.

Sitting is definitely not good, either, and I find myself spending a LOT more time laying on the couch than I normally would. On the other hand, all of this ‘not working out’ time has forced me to be majorly productive. Over the weekend I looked into rolling over my pension plan from my old job into an individual account (the verdict is that I can’t do it until I pay off the loan I took from it), looked into finding a credit union, read a lot and updated my goals. I even opened the Japanese book I’ve been meaning to work from since January. Time. I has it.

At my doctor’s request, I called to make a series of appointments for physical therapy, which will include the following:

Gymnastik‘ (there will probably be a purple ball involved and some stretching). It will most likely be a great way to practice new German words.

Softpack‘ (this is really the best thing ever, but it’s hard to describe. You get naked on a special bed covered in plastic and an attendant covers you in stuff, which could be mud or something fragrant of that consistency. Then you lay down and get covered by the plastic, which is warm. Then it inflates and you’re floating for upwards of 30 minutes in a warm mud bath while something like yoga music plays in the room. The room is dark and the attendant leaves you. You can fall asleep, and I have. I’ve also meditated. It is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to being in a womb, minus that whole ‘breathing fluids’ part). It’s a treatment that’s available at our local spas, and it’s by far my favorite thing to do. I’m not sure if this is available in American spas, as I’ve never gone to a spa in the US… but if it’s not, then I’d definitely recommend it for when you happen to travel to Germany!

I’m not sure if I’ll get this entire treatment since it’s just my back that needs work, but I hope it’s what I get. I kind of can’t imagine a ‘smaller’ version of this.

Massage: There might be massages in my future. Because why wouldn’t there be, when it’s my back we’re talking about?


So when I called the therapist’s office today to schedule, they said that the next available appointment is NEXT FRIDAY. Oh my goodness, by then my back will be better!! I made the appointment and asked them to please please call me if anything sooner came up. They agreed to do this. I hope that they do!

This office is supposed to be really, really good, so I don’t want to look around for another place in the meantime which might be able to take me in sooner. With this in mind, I decided this morning to take therapeutic matters into my own, misguided hands. I decided to try out that new Yoga DVD I bought, which arrived on the day I was experiencing the MOST pain.

I’ll review the DVD after I’ve tried a few more routines, but today’s routine was good. It was short, for beginners (I won’t go overboard YET), and focused on some back stretching, which I thought was good.

I also went to youtube and searched ‘yoga spine stretch’ videos, to add to my recovery arsenal. If I can’t go running this week, then by jove I’ll be doing easy yoga every day.

It felt SO GOOD to stretch today. It made me realize that I haven’t done enough of that lately, but it also made me realize that I can’t possibly go back to Budo yet. There’s just no way I can roll or get dropped repeatedly with my back in this condition.

That sucks, but I guess this is a way for me to do all of that yoga practice that I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m almost excited to have to start from the very beginning with my yoga routines and build up. It’s going to be a long haul, but I don’t mind the work.

So expect a lot of writing from me for the next week or two, as I build up again from fitness level zero like the mythical phoenix rising back up out of the ash. Sigh.


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  1. You poor thing!! I know I’ve been gone for a bit but what happened?? I have been sick myself and out of the loop to exercise and life in general! I got back last Sunday from training to be sick! Hope your back feels better soon!!

    • germanymarie says:

      I don’t even know what happened, apparently I threw something out by doing practically nothing! I hope you’re feeling better, maybe we can recover together:) Welcome back!

  2. MJ says:

    Thanks for the update. Plus, now I know what to avoid doing so I won’t hurt my back . “Nothing”
    Get well soon.

  3. Michelle S. says:

    I used to do some of those stretches when I was pregnant. Definitely take it easy, like you have been, and get back to 100% slowly. 😀

  4. countrykay says:

    GM, I completely understand loosing your momentum, I felt like that to, if I slowed down I’d loose all that I had worked so hard to gain. I kind of feel that way now but with each passing day I am realizing I’m alot stronger then I think. I’ve been taking it easy and the JoJ routine is messing with me, we recently put the boys 12′ trampoline up that Santa bought them, Rick said maybe I could try it on the trampoline, it wouldn’t hurt my knees as much and truthfully while making the impact lower, it would make it harder in a way with trying to keep my balance and such.We shall see I haven’t tried it yet. I do like though that I can use it in the ealry morning when it’s still dark b/c it lights up 😉
    P.S. just keep up the minimal stretching and diet stuff / yu can pull yoruself through it and you will be okay. Just make sure you keep listening to the doc and take your time. That’s the most important – don’t forget that.

  5. s_cin says:

    Have you tried a foam roller? I know they’re small, but Dawn uses it to stretch her back sometimes and she praises them.

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