Project04Just wanted to say sorry I’ve been MIA. Life sometimes takes the driver’s seat & you have to let it, even when you don’t want to.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to let it control EVERYTHING. I’m a Mom with 3 kids and I do a lot and have MANY irons in the fire but after learning my limits in the past few weeks I was feeling rather discouraged that rest was on the agenda, due to massive amounts of stress.

I did manage to still get out and walk a few times and still did my toning exercises like the 100 workout & I was keeping up in my mind with eating the proper calories intake for each day. I mentally try to eat half of what I normally eat & try to eat every 2-3 hours including breakfast which I’m not a breakfast eater. So, I try a granola bar and piece of fruit, which seems like a snack more than anything but it’s food. We have eaten out a few times and I have tried to be conscious once again of the amount of food I was eating versus just giving in because we were eating out.

I also, really could not tell you the last time I drank a coke. I did have a sip of root beer yesterday when my son asked me if I thought it tasted funny but mostly I’ve been drinking water & occasional tea or hot apple cider with honey (thanks to my Keurig) To me it’s just about making ‘better’ choices’.

Saturday afternoon, I went for an hour-long walk/jog in the cold, wind and snow. It was rough, I didn’t jog as much as I would have liked to but I keep reminding myself that once it warms up I will be able to do and go farther with m,y jog. I just keep pushing myself, I added about 1/2 mile to my routine and it didn’t really feel much different.

Sunday morning I prepared for early morning shower to ready for myself for the day of church service, a family dinner and baby shower to attend all before 4pm. Welcome to my crazy life!  Reluctantly, I stepped onto the scale thinking for sure I’d gained or perhaps stayed steady and my husband came running when he heard me yelling in excitement, I had lost!! SMALL VICTORY!! and I was nearly in tears, all the stress of having to ‘rest’ while taking care of my body was for nothing. Once again taking care of myself for the past few days had paid off.

I’m still holding steady at week 7 on my C25K workout & I’m working on the 100 Workout. In the next few weeks I plan to slowly add in my Jump off Jiggle routine and a Zumba type routine. I still want to take it easy though and not stress myself to much too fast.  I have 4 more months to reach my 55 lb goal & I’m already 25 lb down in 2 months!! YAY!!

With all of this I have to say:

Never lose hope and no matter how much you feel like you’re back peddling, Never get discouraged!!  Ultimately see the bigger picture:
You are Choosing to change your life forever, not just your body for the
& just like every journey there will rest stops along the way. 


About countrykay

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, Wear Comfortable Shoes.

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  1. MJ says:

    Thanks for sharing again. You’re awesome. I like that you don’t stop.

  2. germanymarie says:

    I’m so proud of you for keeping going!!! Keep it up:) ❤

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