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I don’t know about you guys, but I sweat a lot. I mean, not more than the average person, but I sweat when I shouldn’t or when I don’t want to. And if we add this to the fact that I overheat faster than most people due to the MS, I sweat a lot SOONER than I should when it comes to working out, etc.

I’ve always had this major issue with the sweating in regards to Yoga. There really isn’t a reason one should sweat in a normal Yoga class (in Power or Bikram, ok, but regular Yoga 1??) more than a sultry glow. But I do, and it makes Yoga harder. Why? Because I’m there, trying to do down dog, and my hands and feet are sliding out in opposite directions. It’s hard to focus or regulate my breathing when I’m trying not to slip, you know?

So back when I lived in Baltimore, I was taking my Yoga classes at the gym I belonged to. I always had my weight lifting gloves with me, and one day I got the bright idea to try them in the Yoga class. It may have looked silly or like I took myself WAY too seriously, but it helped a lot, especially since weight lifting gloves have cut-off fingers so you can really dig in to the mat, as we should most of the time.

Then one day, my cat pissed on my weight lifting gloves, and since they were suede, the smell just wouldn’t come out and I had to get rid of them. I never found another pair that I liked as much as those, so I ended up moving to Germany sans gloves, and I kind of forgot about it.

But then once I started getting back into Yoga classes here (because I have to take them in German, so it took me a while to have the guts to go to a school for the classes), it became evident that my sweating issue had remained and would still be a problem. A few people who I train with here wear their socks to do yoga, but I’m not really down with that idea, because your feet can still slip even if they’re inside a sock. And I wouldn’t wear socks or regular gloves on my hands. I was considering bringing in a towel to put over my mat like I’d done for a Hot Bikram class I took once (or twice), but wasn’t too thrilled about that idea. I LIKE the way my mat feels under my hands and feet, you know?

Cue: my Yoga instructor coming back from her training vacation to the states. Her instructor is in Cali somewhere, so they take their holidays over to the west coast and she gets her train on while we’re all here in cold (but excellent) Germany. In her first class back to us, she was wearing some AMAZING things that I could only describe (at the time) as ‘yoga socks’. They were like those socks you wear in the hospital with the sticky, nubby bottoms, but with the toes cut out.

I knew what they were for instantly, and I had to have them. But I was too shy to ask her after the class where she’d bought them, so I just got online as soon as I got home and did a google search for ‘sticky yoga socks’.

It was amazingly easy to find what she had, based on the pattern on the bottom of her socks. It appears there are a few places who make these items, but all of them have different patterns on the bottoms. I tried not to get the exact ones that she had, but the other options/sites didn’t seem as functional as these did, so I stuck with these guys.

The website is Stick-e dot com, and they sell all kinds of yoga stuff. I was only in need of the socks, and I also picked up a pair of the gloves (since my hands might actually sweat worse than my feet do). I was a bit worried about the gloves, because as anyone who’s ever worn gloves can attest, sometimes the gloves dig into the space between your fingers and that SUCKS. But I guess against sliding right out of a pose, that’s a small price to pay.

I ordered them, they came, I tried them, and they are great!! I was right about the gloves, they DO dig into my hands a bit in some poses, but it isn’t unbearable and overall, not a problem. I ordered mine in black and have used them a few times already. I haven’t washed them yet (I’m kind of afraid to), but it will have to happen soon enough. I’ll probably just do that by hand.

Added bonus to ordering the socks and gloves: they came with a yoga DVD! Granted, it’s a yoga DVD with a few 15 minute sessions, but that’s just enough to hold me over until my bigger, longer DVD arrives in the mail. So today I did the beginner and intermediate yoga routines, and together they took an hour. It wasn’t the focused relaxation I’m used to, but whatever. It was still nice to get with the products!

So. If you happen to have sweat issues like me when it comes to Yoga, these are the gloves and socks that I’m using, and they are excellent.


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  1. Michelle S. says:

    I will definitely have to try these. I can’t stand when my feet sweat during yoga and I slide around on the mat. thank you!

  2. s_cin says:

    I had a pair by Gaiam I think the brand was…the gloves made me slide as I was in positions where my hands were on the floor (upward/downward dog, etc.) The footies worked great though! Both had these small gray dots covering the palms of your hands & feet, which I guess was the “sticky” part.

  3. If you’d like to try Stick-e’s gloves or socks or any of our other products, please use promo code “Fitfreedom” for 15% off!

  4. Oops! Sorry, the promo code “FitFreedom” for 15% off must be used at http://www.Stick-e.com. Sorry for the double post!

  5. Michelle S. says:

    Libby, that’s so awesome. thanks for the offer. we will definitely share it with our readers! 🙂

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