Until yesterday, I wasn’t exactly sure how to express what it is that I want from my fitness routines and practice. Of course, I want what we all want: to be comfortable with my body, to be healthy, and to be happy. Those, I think, should be ‘givens’. The BASE of what we want.

But do you want MORE from your workouts? Is there a specific goal you have in mind that isn’t quite as attainable as all of that? I probably would have said ‘not really’ up until yesterday. But then a friend of mine who also trains in my martial art sent me some videos of things inspiring HER lately, and I realized that those things are what I’d like to work towards, too.

Here’s a link to the article that has the video of the first part of what I want: Equinox Yoga.

I want, and have honestly ALWAYS (since starting yoga) wanted, this.

I don’t necessarily want to be ‘a contortionist’, but I want to be flexible and strong, and I want arm strength. I want to be able to do these things.

I want to be able to hold my own weight and throw it around with ease. Something I’ve been noticing lately on my runs is that I still kind of feel ‘heavy’. I feel gravity. It wasn’t always this way with my runs, and I know it’s only been two months. I know that it will take time for me to get back to feeling like a gazelle while running.

To tell the truth, I’m the only one of us on the blog right now who hasn’t lost a noticeable amount of weight. My weight is still sitting around 60, and it hasn’t moved. And maybe 60 is where I’m always going to be, maybe that’s my healthy and happy weight these days. But I don’t actually think it is.

I think it’s my body telling me that I have to start focusing more on what I’m eating. I eat healthy, but I might still be eating too much. And honestly, I’m stuck in a spot of wondering if I need to do MORE working out, or less. I mean, I work out. I do my workouts. But then I spend the rest of the day at my desk or teaching, and that isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle. So I’m wondering lately if I need to be doing MORE. Throughout my days, not just during the ‘workout times’.

Part of my MORE issue is that I want to do Yoga MORE than once a week, which is all I can seem to be able to fit into my schedule with the school I like to go to. And I think we can all agree that I’m NEVER going to get to the point of Scorpion pose (above, left) if I’m only going and practicing once a week.

So yesterday I bought a Yoga DVD. And I can’t wait for it to get here. I have so much free time during my days, I should really be spending it doing what I love, and getting better. I don’t want to be a yoga teacher or anything (that’s not the goal… yet), but I want to be able to do THIS stuff. Because when I get to this point, I will know that I’ve come a long, long way.

The second video of what I’d like to move towards: (Article HERE)

This is effectively the same martial art that I practice, ninjitsu is a part of what I do. We never do this stuff though, and honestly, we don’t exactly NEED to. It’s an old art and in the US and Germany, we’re not exactly expected to ever need to use it in the way that people in feudal times did. That’s understood. I don’t ‘want to be a ninja’ when I grow up or anything. But I DO want to me more agile and in control of my body. I’d love to be able to confidently swing from a rope. Or do a back walkover while kicking someone in the face. But this stuff requires much more training than your normal techniques in class cover. I mean, there’s a LOT of jumping involved (you see now why I’m doing the Jump off Jiggle, right?).

My need for self -defense has kind of waned since moving to Germany (as opposed to living in Baltimore, where it was necessary to have some training), but I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to forget it. I plan to keep training. I don’t need to climb rooftops or slip in and out of shadows, but I could still learn from practicing those techniques, as they require MAJOR body control.

After my twin relapses back in ’09, I had to work to regain even a fraction of the balance and strength that I had before them. Only lately do I feel like I’m back to a decent point, back to ‘strength and balance neutral’, which is to say that I’m back to having the strength and balance of a normal person who doesn’t have MS. But now I want to move past that into stronger and more balanced territory.

And I think that means that now I have to start looking at these two ideals above as my goals, and to try to figure out how to get there. When we put them together, it appears that I can train in the same way for both of them: Yoga and flexibility training is going to be my friend, but I also have to do some serious strength building and core work. I’ll still be trying out workout routines here on the site, but the underlying goal from here out is going to be to get to a point of being able to do the things that I’ve shared here today.

I think it’s important for all of us, in all parts of our lives, to be able to honestly say what it is that we want from any given situation or action. It’s important to vocalize the things that we want or want to work towards, because only AFTER we’ve given these things a name or an image in our heads can we really begin to work towards them. If our goals are just sitting in the hazy ether of our minds, as an after thought or just something that’s not fully realized, we’ll never get around to addressing them.

So address those things you’d like to have or do. Put them out there. You can’t get them if you don’t acknowledge them! I’m acknowledging what I want here, today, right now.

What do you want? Really, really want from your fitness routines?


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  1. I’ve seen a lot of people doing Bakasana and full Locust where you’d never expect it from just looking at them. What matters here is the core strength/spinal flexibility. No link to your weight, really. Good news, no? Keep going!
    All the best,


    • germanymarie says:

      Hey Andrea, thanks for the good news!! Now the question is, is there something special I can do (aside from Yoga as much as possible) that can bring spinal flexibility? Because I definitely need that.

      • Broad question. It’s important to always bend forward, backwards and twist in one session to adequately work the spine. When twisting keep your hips aligned and level not to put too much leverage on the SI joints (the lumbar spine is hardly able to twist so movement would need to happen in the thoracic spine). When doing back bends bear in mind to evenly distribute the bend across the spine – you don’t want to squeeze the lumbar part without working on the area between your shoulder blades. Having said that, the thoracic spine has a natural limit of range of movement in back bends as the ribs attach to the ribcage. Nature won’t allow you to overly bend there as the ribcage protects vital organs.
        Feel free to send me a personal message if you’d like more info! I’m happy to write a guest post as well if you think readers would benefit.


  2. Michelle S. says:

    such an awesome post.

    have you been using any calorie counters? that was an eye opener for me. I realized I wasn’t eating enough calories and now I nibble all day long. Plus, I am nibbling on fruits and whatever I give Gavin, which is all healthy stuff.

    You accomplished an amazing goal by completing the C25K! Don’t forget that! 🙂 xo

    • germanymarie says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I haven’t been calorie counting, but I am thinking of starting. SP has one that I used to use, but I just stopped once it was obvious that I was always in goal. I should start up again and really bounce between high (1500) and low (1200) weeks.

  3. […] sucks, but I guess this is a way for me to do all of that yoga practice that I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m almost excited to have to start from the very beginning with my yoga routines and build […]

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