Every so often, it feels nice to step away from all of the healthy eating, and let your “fat kid” come out. No grease, no fat, right amount, blah blah blah. Like every other person in this world who enjoys restaurant food, I’m a sucker for Chinese. But what do you get? Do you get a side of egg rolls too? While I don’t get it often, I do make sure to make wise choices. Here’s a list of 5 healthier options, and 5 to steer clear via an article on Yahoo.

Some of the unhealthier choices can start you at least at 1,000 calories, and with a ton of preservatives and grease. All of these are listed as approxamite calories per dish, not per serving since size and recipes differ.

Don’t Order:

Vegetable Lo Mein: Just because there’s vegetables in this, don’t let that sway your brain into thinking you’re ok. The noodles alone bring you to 200 calories per cup without sauce. This dish has at least 900 calories due to unrefined carbs.

Steamed Pork Dumplings: While the words “steamed” and “pork” are deceiving, you get 500 calories for 6 pieces which is a lot for the appetizer. **The veggie version brings it down 100 calories**

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce: Again, “black bean” is deceiving. This carries 400 calories…if you split it. This also has more sodium than almost any dish in the restaurant (about 4,000 milligrams).

Szechuan Shrimp: If it wasn’t for the oily sauce that drench the stir-fried shrimp and veggies, this would be a great bet. The sauce brings it to about 700 calories. **Order it w/no sauce, and you’ll save some calories.

Orange Beef: Unfortunately, the beef in this dish is battered, then fried which is an absolute no-no in the healthy world. Adding the gloppy sauce sends it to around 1,200 calories per order. YIKES!

Choose 1 of these instead:

Wonton Soup: Even though there’s dumplings included, this soup is around 100 calories! Plus, having soup before your main meal prevents you from eating more overall.

Chicken with Snow Peas: If you ask that this be stir-fried with as little oil as possible, you’ll be around 400 calories. The sodium will also lessen to 1,600 milligrams which is better compared to what it would’ve been with more oil.

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce:The lean protein from the shellfish combined with the broth or wine based sauce sits around 450 calories. Add snow peas or broccoli for more vitamins.

Beef with Broccoli: Even though the beef is a smart option, it’s not often a low-calorie option you can easily find. This is still around 900 calories, so make sure to share with someone, or split it up for leftovers over 2-3 days. The huge amount of broccoli helps to provide a ton of vitamins though, since it’s 1 of the most nutritious vegetables to eat.

Overall, no matter what dish you choose (hopefully it’s a healthier item) make sure to divide it up between you and 2/3 people, or 2/3 different tupperware containers so you can make sure you’re still being good. It’s hard to do and I know this, but you’ll feel better if you control how much you eat, of anything really. Also, if you have the option of steamed white or brown rice, GO FOR THE BROWN RICE!

Happy eating! 🙂


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  1. countrykay says:

    FAVORITE!! I ❤ Chinese and while the 'buffets' are not the best choice their food isn't too bad, lol! Beef or Chicken and Broccoli is one of my VERY favorites!! Yummy!! I'm hungry for Chinese food now 🙂

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