After weeks and weeks (eight, we counted) of running, it has come to my attention that although I might love certain songs, they just aren’t conducive to running and keeping me motivated.

After I decided last week that I’d be running a 10k, I decided that I’d have to make a really excellent playlist full of upbeat songs to keep me going for at least an hour, since that’s about how long I expect a 10k to take me by the time I’m all done and ready to go. There can be no duds or slow songs. It has to be all energy, all the time for a 10k to happen from me.

I’ve deleted songs, moved them around, and so on. What I’m left with right now (aside from the songs I’ve already posted) is a playlist that sounds like a Women’s Rights Freedom-Fighter list. I’m not even joking, there are definitely feminist under (and over-) tones to the list, and I don’t care. It’s what motivates me and keeps me feeling like a badass. And it’s undeniably me. I might not be a proclaimed feminist, but I’m as close as they come.

That being said, I hope you like the songs, too:)

I can’t view this video, but all of you in America probably can: DJ Rap, ‘Bad Girl’

Same for this one: Princess Superstar, ‘Perfect’

Oh, look, this one, too! Sucks to live in Germany sometimes 🙂 Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’

Oh, GEMA laws suck.. Florence and the Machine, ‘Rabbit Heart’

And again… La Roux, ‘Bulletproof’

I’m giving up for today after this one. Gwen Stefani, ‘Hollaback Girl’

I lied. One more: Sleigh Bells, ‘Rill Rill’


Have fun watching all of the videos I can’t see until I fly back to the US!!! Do me proud:)


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