What a CRAZY few weeks!!  Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders? I think the biggest thing for me is feeling like I’m climbing out of a hole but I just can’t quite reach or I’m just about to drown but I’m barely keeping my head above water.  I kind of felt that way this past few weeks. I have felt like I had too many irons in the fire and not enough hands or energy to keep them all hot.  I was doing a fine job juggling them though,  at least I thought anyway.

My life is hectic from the time I wake up sometimes till way past the kids go to bed. I mean it’s 12 am and I’m sitting here alone in the quiet trying to empty my brain so I can get a good nights mornings sleep.  Life is stressful and full of anxiety, I take on a lot always, some of my friends call me super woman because they have no idea how I do it most days.  Honestly, neither do I, I just push & push & push, never letting up.  Most times I know my limits, I know when I need a mental break, or a noise break or a physical break. I try not to schedule myself to crazy because I know that I can handle it but physically, mentally or even emotionally sometimes my body can’t. I often have to remind myself that I’m 30 now, it’s okay that I can’t run for 2 hours straight yet or that I can’t always multi-task as much as I used to. I’m just not as capable like I think I should be.  Like my husband who’s got 14 yrs on me says ‘you ain’t no spring chicken’ anymore, slow down.

So,  I had been feeling really overwhelmed & I kept thinking if I just get this project done and this project then I can take a break, thus me ‘pushing’ & ‘pushing’. unfortunately, my body let me know, before my mind had a clue what hit me.  Late Sunday night I was not feeling well like perhaps I had caught a stomach bug & thought I might be sick. However, that was not the case, it was body letting me know that it had, had enough. I hadn’t rested enough, I wasn’t resting mentally, physically or more importantly emotionally.  I woke up in a crumpled pile on the floor in the bathroom only to very slowly stand up and pass out again. I was burnt out & this is my body’s way of saying it to me when I, my mind, won’t listen.

After talking to the doctor & Michelle, whom told me to ‘rest & drink water’, I love you gals for always being supportive. You are amazing & it’s so nice to know it’s okay to rest. I sometimes feel like I grew up living by or believing  this motto of ‘no rest for the weary’. Well, I was weary, very weary & I decided to take a few days off from my regimented exercise routine but still stayed on top of my good eating habits & water drinking.  Water at this point was probably the best avenue for me anyway.

Monday I wasn’t really able to move real well, I was physically in a lot of pain due to the 2 spills I had in the night. I did manage to suck it up and do some small things but it wasn’t easy, I found myself napping frequently, imagine that resting?!

Tuesday & Wednesday where the same but I used my down-time wisely & did some much-needed computer work. So while not ‘doing’ a whole lot psyically I was still able to get a lot  accomplished which was a very helpful with my ‘irons’. Wednesday night I felt up to bowling, which went well, aside from my scores.

By Thursday I was back to feeling like my old self again & I was feeling the urge in my muscles to move. I went for shorter walk & jogged a little, I really didn’t want to push it too much too fast & it went well.  This morning, Friday, I got up decided before I started anything I was going to weigh and measure myself just to see where I was at. I kind of felt as though since I hadn’t done anything really for 4 days I’d probably have gained.  Much to my surprise the scale read 179 and the tape measure read that I had lost average inch.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading?! Really?! Could it be?? I guess that taking care of my body instead of beating it to death is a better plan… who knew?!?

I did do part of the Jump off Jiggle Routine mixed with some other toning exercises but desperately tried not to push myself too hard.  I did notice that while working through the last part of my sets I kind of felt light-headed I immediately cooled down and relaxed, I spent the entire rest of today sitting either here at my computer or at my scrap-booking desk.  Well, when I wasn’t playing or chasing or caring for my babies.  Mental and emotional stress can take a hike when I just sit and scrapbook or cuddle my babies.

Plan for the coming week:
**Eat with portions like I have been with the 12-1500 calorie count (more like 1500 with everything going on) & continuing to drink water.

**Exercise slowly & build myself back up to my routines,  I don’t think I’ve lost very much ground truly, I just don’t want to push myself because I know I’m not completely in the clear yet.

Here’s where I stand with Weight (lbs) and Measures (in)
Beginning Week 1:  198  –   46/40/45 
            End Week 4:  181  –  42/34/40
           End Week 7:  179  – 40/33/39

Tomorrow is a new day & I will be out there walking, SMALL VICTORY!


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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, Wear Comfortable Shoes.

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  1. germanymarie says:

    We love you, lady, and I know we’re all glad that you’re ok!! Take it easy and don’t push yourself!!! Do what you can, when you can, and leave the rest. ❤ And congrats for keeping all of your measurements down, too!!! Do you need new bras yet?? 😀

  2. countrykay says:

    Not yet but I’m sure it won’t be too very long, may need new pants first as they seem to be ‘sagging’ in the butt big time… LOL!

  3. Michelle S. says:

    you are do so great!

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