I made one of the green smoothies that Steph featured in her recent post about the health benefits of ‘green smoothies’ this week. Out of the four she listed, there was only one that I felt fit for me, due to the ingredients called for.

That smoothie was the Straw-megranate smoothie, which I was able to make easily at home with minimal difficulty. I even took my smoothie a step further and added some protein powder to the mix. I couldn’t taste a difference, to tell the truth.

I gave it to my boyfriend to try as well, and he wasn’t a fan. He doesn’t really like too many green things in general, or things that are ‘small and round’ (his words), so the fact that there was celery, spinach and grapes involved didn’t sit too well with him.

I, on the other hand, totally loved it. It was just the right mixture of sweet and ‘good for you’, and I like that better than just sweet.

The recipe as it reads made 4 servings, although it could have made two rather large servings. I wasn’t going to push the servings, so I separated the mixture into four and put the rest in the fridge.

Because I used Pomegranate juice instead of pomegranate seeds, my smoothie turned out more pink/brownish than green, but whatever.

As you can see by the results I got from Sparkrecipes, a serving (when you separate into 4) is only 116 calories and has practically zero fat. It has a lot of practically nothings, actually, although the carbs and sugars are high. These are all natural sugars, so I’m not too concerned… and I can handle 20 grams of carbs!

This recipe doesn’t take the protein powder into account, because I didn’t want to make it look like it has more protein than it really does if you DON’T add the stuff to it.

Overall, it was filling and I felt pretty energized about an hour after drinking it, and not in a ‘sugar high’ kind of way, either. I drank one in the afternoon and another after my workout, and it was the perfect bridge between lunch, workout and then dinner 4 or 5 hours later.

I had the last serving this morning in place of breakfast. I drank it at 7:30, and felt pretty good and AWAKE once it kicked in. I wasn’t hungry, in fact, I didn’t even THINK about food until about 10:30. So three hours in the morning is a good enough hold-over for me, since I generally don’t like to eat breakfast (I have to force it) and when I do, it doesn’t seem to last very long. This was the perfect breakfast replacement for me and it got me through my class and the commute home without any question!

So if you’re thinking of trying a smoothie, I’d recommend this as a good one.


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  1. Great review! I was always that green smoothies would be terrible and I was worried to try them, but I think I will try it now! Thanks!

  2. s_cin says:

    Yay! I’m glad 1 worked out for you 🙂

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