A little while ago, I wrote about Green Smoothies and their benefits. The day after I posted, I was going climbing with my boyfriend. Earlier that morning, I bought the ingredients for the Groovy Green Smoothie, and made enough for 2 servings. I was really curious how this smoothie would make me feel, especially with a workout coming.

I unfortunately forgot that I missed adding  the 1/2 apple, but didn’t realize it until after it was blended. I had a little more than what would fit into my container, so I sipped some, and sans the apple, it still tasted great. On our way to the gym, we each drank our half and arrived a bit early. I’m notorious for falling asleep in cars, especially in winter since the heat is on. I was dozing off while we were waiting, but not for long. We were only there for a little over 2 hours, and some of the 5.7s and 5.8s I had done before, but I wasn’t stopping. The 5.7 is a warm-up, and as I’m starting to get sore, I’ll do them again and go lower. I did 5.8s, and 1 5.9. Each one, I continued to amaze myself.

The last climb was the 5.9. I finished it even though it was harder, and the handholds were smaller. I stopped because the last reach to finish the 5.9, I pulled a muscle between my shoulder and neck, so I knew I had to stop. Had I not reached awkward, I knew I could’ve gone on for at least another hour. But I finished it which was an accomplishment. At first, I wasn’t sure it was the smoothie doing all the work of making me do good. Even though I posted a boat load of information about the smoothies, I wasn’t in denial, but I guess I wasn’t fully convinced.

Once we were done, I was starting to believe it because Kyle said how he really thought the shake helped as well. After we climb, we go out to a restaurant to get food and chill. It seems like we always get an appetizer, whether it’s the best option, or not the best option. I’m usually the one choosing going with what I think is the healthiest, but sometimes my boyfriend will choose. While we were gazing through the menu (we go to this place a lot after climbing), neither of us mentioned the word “appetizer.” It was funny, because we didn’t realize it until after the server walked away with our complete order. I said something first, and my boyfriend said “I just realized that!” I ordered a bison burger, because 1- bison tastes great and exactly like beef, and 2- it’s a lot leaner than beef is and has a great amount of protein.

Again on the way home, I was getting sleepy from the warmth in the car. But we got home, and after showering, I still felt fine. I was nervous I would have to try hard to not fall asleep, but I stayed awake until we went to bed.

Today, I made one but this time, I was out of bananas. So I still made it, and yet again, it tasted excellent. Blender worked like a champ. I had it as my first snack to see how long it would get me through the day. The job I’m on now, we have a bit more down time than usual, so sometimes I’ll get bored and start to get sleepy. Not today! Because I had the shake as my first snack at 8:30am, I was good all day, even in between testing. I know I could probably have another one today and be ok, but I don’t want to until I know how many calories is in 1. Next time, I’m going to have it as my second snack prior to working out to see how I do with other types of exercise. One other thing I could do is make 1 serving, and drink 1/2 for each snack along with something else. That way I have the energy in the early am and afternoon. So we’ll see how that goes.

Bottom line, I’ve been convinced that the green smoothie advantage works, energy wise. I Have only been drinking them for a few days, so I can’t reap all the benefits yet. I even started adding my vanilla whey protein powder. I’m really curious about the skin clearing because for some reason I’ve been breaking out really bad lately. I’m going to continue with the ingredients and the shake I have until I run out. Everything I bought cost under $25. The great thing is that some of what I bought can be used in other recipes too, so they’re not going to waste.

Now you know it’s worth buying everything, so get your blender out, choose a recipe, and get blending!


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  1. wartica says:

    You can never go wrong with these kinds of smoothies:)

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the update! I’m going to start doing this daily too!!

  3. germanymarie says:

    I made one of the other recipes you linked to, and it broke into 4 servings of about 111 calories each. Just so you know! I’m glad you did well with it both times!

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