So, holy hell… this is a rough workout for me! I don’t know if it is hard because I’m just majorly not in the shape I should be, or if I’m making it harder on myself by doing it AFTER I’ve gone running. So I might experiment with the workout’s placement in my schedule next week.

For now, I feel like the best way to track my progress is to show what I was able to do, day by day. I figured this was a good idea since I’m not sure WHEN I’ll be able to think to myself while doing it ‘this is easy’. Other workouts make you write down how many of each exercise you can do in an interval, and I think that’s a great idea.

Day 1:

High Knees: 80
Box Jump 1: 10
Butt Kick: 68
Box Jump 2: 10
Burpees: 10
Jump Tap: 29
Mountain Climbers: 19

I only made it through one round on day 1, because I absolutely HAD to be in the shower by 3pm in order to make it to my 4:30 class on time. I was totally ok with that, since this is a hard workout to keep pushing all the way through, but still: I’m going to make sure to NOT procrastinate on it in the following days, because although it’s only 20 minutes if you do it all the way through, I shouldn’t wait until I HAVE to do it!


Day 2:

High Knees: 84 – 83
Box Jump 1: 13 – 13
Butt Kick: 69 – 73
Box Jump 2: 11 – 10
Burpees: 8 – 9
Jump Tap: 35 – 40
Mountain Climbers: 28 – 38

Today I had a goal: to do this workout at least twice through. I also wanted to see if I’d do better doing this BEFORE my run. So I did the push ups and crunches first (as a kind of warm-up, I guess) and then the JoJ routine. After that, I cooled down to write my progress, then went for my run.

As you can see, the results were much better today. taking a cue from Bodyrock, I gave myself 10 seconds between each part to write stuff down and prepare for the next part of the workout. I think that was a good idea, too, and I’m going to keep doing that from now on.

The mountain climbers are still the most dreaded part of this routine for me. I think it’s because they’re at the end and I can clearly remember being AWESOME at these and totally loving them as a kid. That’s a great slap in the face and ‘welcome to your 30’s’… although I think I’m doing better now than I would have done at 25:)

One thing I noticed: because I am prone to overheating, it was better for my today when I wore my cropped pants and just a sports bra to do the workout. I’m still dripping sweat, so I still got hot… but not as hot and ready to die as last time!! We’ll see how day 3 goes…


Day 3:

High Knees: 76 – 70
Box Jump 1: 10 – 11
Butt Kick: 70 – 77
Box Jump 2: 10 – 12
Burpees: 9 – 10
Jump Tap: 36 – 37
Mountain Climbers: 30 – 21

For today I tried something different: I tried part of the routine outside. Since I do better in the cold, I did my first set indoors, just to see how I felt. It was far too warm for me, so I went outside for the second set. I think the results were good. They would have been better if my balcony wasn’t wet, I might not have gone so slow on the box jumps… but I can dry it off beforehand next time! I definitely felt better and stronger, and like I could go for longer outside in the cold.

Overall the routine is starting to feel less killer, although I still only get through it twice. Once twice becomes too easy, I’ll add on more, but I don’t expect that to happen so soon!

I got my interval timer in the mail yesterday, so today was my first trial with it… I have to say, it was nice to NOT watch my clock and just do the routine! I only took more than a 10-second pause between the list items between the second box jump and the burpees, in order to set the timer to 1:00 from :30. But that didn’t take too long! I’m happy to have it and I think it’s going to make all of the interval workouts I want to do much easier.


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  1. You rock!! I’ve cut back on other training right now! And that means with BodyRock. Not very happy with it, but I’ve noticed that I’m getting super tired. I am doing some yoga training again, but when I come back I plan to try BodyRock but on every other day! Just because I’m still going to the gym. What I do like about interval training is that it takes “your” time or what you can do! And that means usually about 30 minutes. And usually an all over workout! You cannot beat interval or HIIT training! Its the best!!! Good luck and I cannot wait to hear about it and how you gain strength!

  2. germanymarie says:

    I think you should listen to your body, too! If it’s too much to do the extra workouts every day, then every other day sounds a lot better once you’re feeling better! 🙂 Good luck to you, too!

  3. s_cin says:

    Maybe you should do only this workout and not add extra cardio in on the same day. That could be why you didn’t feel like you did as good with the workouts. If you do want to do both in the same day, try doing the circuit first, then the other cardio. Same thing with strength training and cardio in the same day; it’s better to strength train first, then cardio. if you reverse, you won’t get as much calorie and fat burn, and you’ll be more fatigued by the time you get to the strength training. Doing awesome so far though!

  4. germanymarie says:

    are you suggesting that I move this workout to my day with the other routine as well, and keep my t/t/sa schedule just for running? I mean, it’s a novel idea, but I feel like it’s not enough. I could also just stick to doing the circuit BEFORE the run. Which do you think is better?

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