DSC_8079If you looked up the word ‘stress’ in the dictionary you’d see a picture of me, truly. I tend to overwhelm myself quite often, making & keeping everyone in my life happy. Steph even posted about being Overwhelmed recently; it happens to everyone. For me, it’s a natural desire as a Mom/Wife to keep your kids and husband happy, but there are so many other people in my life that I strive to keep content. Sometimes I need to take a step back & realize I need to slow down and make myself content before I take on the challenges of the day. I cannot be Super Woman or Super Mom all the time.

That’s what I love about  the disconnection of exercise. I can go on a long walk and there’s no kids and no phone, it’s just me and the open road. I haven’t been able to really enjoy this aspect of exercise through the winter and colder months. I’m borderline asthmatic, and the cold, unlike it’s effect on GM, does terrible things to my lungs and it becomes even harder for me to breathe and move when I’m, or the air I breathe is, cold.  It’s almost debilitating to me to run in the cold. I can do it, but I pay for it.

{As a baby I was born with asthma, my Mom always talks about the 1st Mother’s Day after they adopted me: she spent it watching me crawl around in an oxygen tent with a board strapped over my little tiny arm so I couldn’t take any of the IVs out .  And if you’re a Mom, nothing is more heart wrenching than seeing your child hurt and not being able to touch them or help them. As a young child, I started growing out and by the age of 5 it was almost completely gone, which can be normal… after finding my birth parents at age 21, my half-brother had the very same issue as a child and he too is the same as me. Only certain things can peek his breathing problems now, like cold air.  He and I are VERY much alike despite having different fathers.}

So, my disconnect has not been as ‘disconnected’ as I’d like for sure.  While I’m jogging through the house I’m having to jog in place and get snacks and jog in place and make drink cups and change diapers, answer the phone, kiss the hubby good-bye, pack lunch… so as you can imagine, it makes things seem even more challenging.  I have 3 kids, well 4 if you count my husband.

I recently was talking to a supply lady after ordering a part for my husband & I was trying to set up a time to meet with her and after 20 minutes all she could say was, “I do not envy you.”  I will not outline or detail what I do in a day’s time, like I said in my bio it would probably be easier to detail what I don’t do in a day/week/ month’s time.  Normally, I don’t mind it, I take it on as my life and don’t ever look back however, her bringing it to my attention made me realize, I probably really do stress myself out or have too many irons in the fire or too much on my plate.

Stress is defined simply as ‘a constraining force or influence’.

I totally believe that stress can be a good or bad thing.  Take Thanksgiving for example, we rent the American Legion hall because there are about 60+ people who show up and have a ‘pot-luck’ of sorts to lower the stress of 1 person cooking the entire meal, but while seeing family and spending time with them and eating really good food, it’s still out of the ordinary and adds a level of stress on my body & my family.

Understanding stress & identifying its triggers in your life can be so helpful.  I know that I can overwhelm myself easily with everything I have to get done in a week’s time, so it’s easier for me to break down each week by day or each 2 days to get through things.  Some of my coping mechanisms are making lists; I am definitely a ‘list’ person.  They are everywhere; lists for the grocery store, lists for work, lists for editing, lists for blogging… I can’t tell you how many trees I probably kill because one of the other things I like to do is scrapbook. My other stress reliever aside from exercise is cleaning, that’s terrible to admit but when I’m aggravated I’m usually found scrubbing the floor or the dishes, crazy how that works.

My husband says his best stress reliever is shooting his shot-gun & I can’t lie: shooting clay pigeons with him is a great stress reliever.  My friend Kerry said her best stress relievers are going to the barn to brush her horses or muck stalls or locking herself in the bathroom with no lights or sound and taking a bath, she has 3 kids too so she gets stress, like I do.

We all have different triggers and we have all learned different things to cope with it without completely losing touch with reality… although as a mother of 3 I’d say I might be close some days.

Here are a few places to go that can help you find triggers and help you cope:
Mind Tools
Stress Help Guide

I looking forward to when it’s nice out and fairly warm and I can be outside & completely disconnected!!


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  1. s_cin says:

    Unfortunately, we all have the dreaded stress, and it’s up to us to figure out how to deal with it. I use working out or something fitness related as a stress reliever. Being outside on a nice day is definitely a great stress reliever too 🙂

  2. countrykay says:

    Steph, my best stress relievers are in the summer, outside sweating in the hot sun, walking/jogging or in the garden pulling weeds or digging up beds 🙂 My garden is usually HUGE! so it takes me a good hour to 2 hours to weed the whole thing… good workout!

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