Okay… I’m supposed to be on week 7 by this week of the C25k. However, I feel like I’m not doing so hot. Perhaps, I need a lesson in slow and steady wins the race.

First,  I’m still doing really well with my eating and I really think with me knowing and being aware is half the battle for me. Still trying to eat half of what I normally eat is working out awesome. I’m also doing really well with drinking water and not drinking soda.  I seem to only really have soda on the weekends and I feel it’s more out of habit rather than a desire. Sunday I couldn’t even drink all of my soda because I really felt it was too terribly sweet & felt myself just craving water.

Second, Earlier I had an allergic reaction to plaster/dry wall dust while helping out a friend that gave me hay-fever like symptoms…I managed to push through and really fight exercising despite probly needing more sleep a few weeks ago but it came on the week before my monthly cycle and have felt like doing NOTHING for the past few days. Friday I did a small bit of exercise and Saturday and Sunday I totally slacked off.

So, that leaves me with Monday, today!  I was having a problem with getting up to the 20 minute mark on the C25K so last week I decided to repeat Week 5 day 2 on Wednesday & was supposed to Friday but was just having issues feeling motivated and wondered if a toning exercise might be better pace with still trying to beat the hay -ever & the cycle.  So that’s what I did.
So, I stayed up late last night trying to finish up some things I needed to get done for my business and home, it was about 2:30am when I fell into bed this morning and when the alarm went off at 6 am I hit snooze till about 6:30 am when I FINALLY drug myself out of bed. I really think it was the warm that was keeping me there because once I was up I felt really awake and good.  I weighed and measured myself all still the same and holding steady – which is fine. I decided to kick but today I was going to do a 45 minute work out if it killed me.  I mastered & conquered the Week 5 day 3; 20 min routine of the C25K this morning and managed to get through 1 cycle of the Jump off Jiggle before feeling like I might become a puddle in the floor.

I’m still trying to do the Jump off Jiggle routine on the off days and the more I struggle with it, the less I feel I accomplish with it. The 1st day I got almost half way through it with a full set and half through 2nd set and since I haven’t been able to.  Now it’s become a personal vendetta I’m determined to kick this Challenge in the A**!!  I’m going to keep working at it till I can do it. It bothers me when I can’t do things. It becomes a personal struggle, ask GM about me & Origami I conquered it, eventually.

So here’s my plan for the coming weeks:
Same eating plan with regard to portioning and staying away from Soda.
Making sure I eat Breakfast and every 2-3 hours with healthy snack choices.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday doing the C25K and working toward not separating the routine anymore and just seeing how long I can just jog with 5 minute warm up and cool down.
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday I’d like to try and do the Jump off Jiggle Routine and WORK HARD at trying to get through it.
I will also say that I try to do an aerobic like workout/zumba with a friend 1x a week & I like to work my abs and my arms so on certain days I add toning exercises to my cardio, like arm lifts and circles & lots of crunches.  These seem to be problem areas for me and I feel good about myself when I work on them. Today I did 100 crunches, that is the most I’ve been able to do in a LONG time.

So while feeling like I’m back-peddling, I’m feel a little better after my workout this morning.  I’m determined to shed more pounds this week!!


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  1. I think we back pedal sometimes just so we can see how strong we are getting. I know I too get upset when I have set backs…or so I feel like they are. But when I do I realize wow…I am getting stronger! So instead of beating yourself up for the fact that you have to take things slow this week. Instead enjoy your body and focus on good body alignment and really see how well your body does!!! You’ll be amazed!

  2. germanymarie says:

    I had to backpedal with the 100 push ups challence, and I still haven’t gotten to three rounds of the jump pff jiggle routine!!! It’s OK to take it at your own pace, and I think that we should all get a one-week pass, once a month for that special time of our cycle when we want to murder or eat everything in sight, then sleep for days!!

    Take your time, make your own pace, and do your best! That’s all that we can expect from ourselves <3. I'm proud of you for sticking to it. Remember all of the progress you've made, you're kicking ass! Even heros need a break once in a while, super-woman!

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