Happy Monday FF readers! Not sure why I’m in a bit of  good mood being it’s Monday, but I’m running with it :-). I was supposed to start a spin class at 1 of our gyms at work, but I was a little late getting back to my building, and I was also told that the class fills up quickly. Being I already had 2 strikes going for me, I decided to skip and try a new workout that’s part of a weekly routine, a new set of routines to do each day. Some might be the same, but different reps, and order. I found these on our FF Pinterest account, and it was new and didn’t seem like too much, I went for it.

Here’s the breakdown below:

So this is what each day looks like, but different exercises like I said before. I decided to use my trusty cellphone stopwatch, and did 1 round in 11:56. I don’t know if these are supposed to be more than 1 or 2 rounds a day, but I enjoyed it, and definitely think I can do at least 2. Since it didn’t take long, I’m going with multiple rounds. I think the hardest one was the 20 lunges, or the 50 crunches. I added 2- 10lb weights to do the lunges and calf raises for some extra kick. And for the crunches I had my legs flat on the floor and feet flexed to see how that felt; not bad.

This could be something that can easily be thrown into any other day of the week’s workout; even if it is only doing 1 round. Looking forward to the rest of the weeks workouts! If you feel so inclined to try these as well, checkout our Pinterest account. Enjoy!


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  1. Kristle Mcgwier says:

    I always go in a fitness gymn because i want my body to become very fit. I also want a very strong heart so i do cardio everyday. :.,’:

    With appreciation

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