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This website is loaded with lots of amazing yet tough workouts and great information on health and eating right. Watching the  challenge videos alone is intimidating because the trainers in are built and make some of the workouts seem like a breeze, even though they’re breathing hard between talking.

One of the challenges GM & I were interested in was the “Fit Ass Challenge” or the formerly Sumo Squat Stepup Challenge. The Challenge is 200 reps total of a sumo squat followed by a stepup onto a regular chair, followed by a knee lift. You do 100 on each leg as fast as you can (breaks included). Seems simple right? Absolutely Not. The photo above of Zuzana is a still image of the challenge, and her first attempt was done in 18:26. A video was recorded of a girl named Jess who managed to do all 200 reps in just over 11 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! Now I really wanted to see where I fit into this.

This past Tuesday after getting home from work, I decided to try it and make that my workout for the day, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I only had a 2 step step-stool, so that was my chair. It looks to be about the same height as a normal chair. I paired the chair with the stopwatch on my phone (Oh technology), and I was off. I took off about 2 seconds for the start to put my phone down after pressing the start button, but I started to feel tight in my upper leg about halfway though side 1. I finished side 1 in around 9:40 something. I was trying not to look at the time while doing it, because I felt that would slow me down.

I took about a 30 second break after side 1, because the challenge didn’t state you HAD to do all 200 before stopping. I stopped my timer as soon as I got off the stool, and made sure it was right next to me to not waste extra time. As I was breaking, all I could think of was “I’m only done side 1; I haven’t even started side 2 and I’m already this tight!” Oh boy, here we go. I began side 2, and again about halfway through, I was just as tight on that leg, if not tighter. I knew when I was getting tired, because as I was coming off the stool, my foot stomped a little on the carpet. It felt like the more I stopped, the harder it would be since I wasn’t alternating sides. I looked back once and was about halfway done at 16:something; I honestly don’t remember.

Knowing the time made me work harder, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to break a record here which didn’t bother me. I just kept going as fast as I could, and when I finally finished, I stopped the timer at 18:26, so take off the 2 seconds in the beginning I mentioned, and I finished at 18:24! I was so proud that I was able to hang with the big dogs in this challenge, and more importantly, I didn’t give up and make excuses. I was so stoked. I decided to sit down and update GM, Michelle, and Kamay how I did, and as I was typing, I felt the sweat dripping off my neck and upper arms. As icky as that sounds, I knew that was a sign of a good workout and good attempt, so i couldn’t have been happier.

Now, how do I feel? I usually get sore about 1-1.5 days after an intense workout or a new workout. Yup, 1 day later, my whole entire lower section was aching. Even near my groin was hurting, and worse, it hurt to sit down and get up. Yesterday and even this morning, 2-3 days later, the soreness has moved from my upper legs to my calves. My calves literally feel like I had just gotten the infamous Charlie Horse, and flexing my feet is a slow process, but getting better. I did workout yesterday for about 1.5 hours, and once I got started, I didn’t feel the soreness again until I was done. I even ran intervals on the treadmill. I didn’t push myself too hard, but enough that I felt satisfied about the workout.

Overall, it was a simple workout that again tests your strength, endurance, and mindset. The goal is to beat yourself, not the girl in the video or in the photo. Would I do it again to see if I could get a better time? Absolutely, but maybe this time on a different chair. I wouldn’t put this in my fitness routine because it was merely a challenge. I know the other 3 ladies on this site can do it, and I’m looking forward to hearing their times and how they felt. The pain is temporary, but the result is forever and that’s something we have to remember in any workout or challenge we choose to do.

Here’s the video of the girl Jess who knocked it out in just over 11 minutes:


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  1. germanymarie says:

    if you wanted to… you could do a full month or two weeks of JUST the bodyrock workouts… that’s what I was planning to do after I got finished with Jump Off! I’m excited to see how I do after all of that! Great job!

  2. Michelle S. says:

    major kudos to you Steph. I really want to try these. i’m worried i’m not in good enough shape yet to do it though.

  3. I just started the February 30 Day Challenge and it is a no joke workout! Its a cross between CrossFit and Biggest Loser Ranch but at home!!! I’m not kidding you…I was producing so much sweat from the 300 Rep Fat Slaughter Workout and I thought I was going to have to quit!! I kept sliding across the floor looking for a new spot I wasn’t going to slip on! I thought…holy crap, how am I going to finish this? But I did and so far after I am done with the workouts…I feel great and so rewarding!!

    I have to admit…I’m so out of shape right now. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 5.5 years and let myself go. And honestly, this workout is good because its all that you can do! Yes, watching them makes one feel like they are unable to do this workout, but if you watch a few of the workouts, you will see that the crew at struggle too! But most of the workouts are timed and require your ability and where you are at in your life. They usually give modifications! And they also do not require you to have the equipment, they say you will see better results with the equipment but not a requirement. I have nothing but dumb bells. And I still am managing to get it done!

    Don’t think about it…Just do it! You will be amazed!!!

    • germanymarie says:

      You definitely need to keep us posted on how it goes, OWTY!!! We’re here for you! Keep going!

      • Thanks!! I will! Today is my day off even though its not the scheduled day off for the 30 day Challenge. I will continue the challenge this weekend and follow it as the schedule says! But I’m doing this as well as my normal gym routine! What I like about the workouts? I love that it takes NO TIME to do them. Just a lot of motivation to get your butt whooped! And that’s it. The first actual workout took me 29:14. And yesterday’s only was about 30 or less. And that is why I love their workouts!! I have one saved that is absolutely no equipment at all:
        Thanks so much!!! I am going to get in shape! This is my mantra right now! 🙂

      • germanymarie says:

        My mantra is ‘stop thinking, start doing’! It has served me well! Yes, I am also interested in the workouts because they are super short and fast, but really great! I’ll be using the ones without equipment as well!!

        Go get em, but enjoy your day off 🙂
        Don’t work too hard, 😉

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