I want to talk about my last two days of playing Fit Freedom on Pinterest. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but now I’m going to give you a whole entry: We need to be nicer to ourselves. And we need to set realistic goals for ourselves.

Let’s talk about Paris Hilton for a second or two. She’s a reality star because she leaked a sex video, most likely ON PURPOSE, and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. She’s an heiress. She’s a punch line. She’s loaded. She was born this way. Have you ever seen a photo of Paris Hilton doing ANYTHING fitness related? because I haven’t.

Where do you think I found Paris’s photo a few minutes ago? It wasn’t under the celebrity or entertainment topics in the Pinterest website. No.

She was posted as ‘motivation’ in the fitness topic.

This. Is. Our. Problem. This is exactly what we are doing to ourselves. It’s toxic. We are looking at photos of women who probably NEVER have to work for their looks, who go running because it looks interesting, who can just put on a bikini and not worry about their thighs rubbing together. This is what some people see as motivation. This is what some people look to for motivation.

Let me tell you something: I will NEVER look like Paris. I’ve got nothing against her, I think she’s pretty enough, but I am not genetically made up to have her body. I can work all I want for it, but my body is always going to look more like J. Lo’s or Beyoncé’s than Paris’s. I’m ok with that, and we all should be ok with whatever our bodies look like. My thighs might ALWAYS rub together!!!


Now let’s talk about this gem of wisdom from Kate Moss. Kate Moss is an international supermodel who would probably slip through a crack in the floor, if it was made of wood. Kate Moss has pretty much always been tiny, and will probably always be tiny, and can probably eat whatever she wants and will still most likely wake up in the morning as Kate Moss.

This photo was ALSO posted in the Fitness category on Pinterest, with the caption ‘true’.

Are you kidding me?

Listen. I’m here, and I’m about to be a bitch. So just be ready for that, I’m in drill seargent mode today (you should see what I posted on my OTHER blog). I’m only going to say this once.


And I am really tired of all of the toxic shit I’m seeing on the fitness board. It’s not all bad, but it’s really 50/50 some days.

How do we educate these people? How do we get them to see that they need to be healthy, and not skinny? How do we teach them that skinny is not a setting on the ‘in shape’ machine?

It’s an amazing place, America. On one hand we’re told to love ourselves and our bodies, and on the other hand we’re looking at impossibly thin models in every advertisement we see. We’re eating total crap, smoking like we’re getting paid, and hating ourselves for not looking like an Olsen twin or a Top Model. It’s no wonder that we’ve got an obesity AND anorexia/bulemia problem. It’s no wonder that we’re so critical of ourselves and each other. We’re being taught to compete with impossible opponents, and not being given the tools to do it correctly.

‘Skinny’ is a commodity that is being packaged and sold to American women for the bargain price of $49.99 + shipping and handling. ‘Skinny’ is a marketing tool used to make you feel bad about yourself and then make you spend more of your money as a form of retail therapy. ‘Skinny’ is a style of jeans that doesn’t usually fit my bulging calf muscles, because I’m built like the soccer player I used to be. ‘Skinny’ is a place that I will never reach, and I’m ok with that. I’d rather be strong than skinny, thank you.

It’s not just America, either. The female fitness scene over here is even worse. It seems, over here in Germany, that the ONLY reason that women go to a gym is to ‘get skinny’. I wish I was making that up.


Look. It’s ok to want to lose weight and look great in a bikini. I think we all would like to look great in a bikini, or at least, to FEEL GREAT in a bikini. And here’s my point: we need to stop looking at the advertisements around us. Most of them are photoshopped anyway. If you think I’m joking, then please watch this and remember that I get paid to do this to images, quite often:

None of what you see in advertisements or most magazine covers/shoots is real, please remember that.

<<< Do you remember this image that Britney put out a year or so ago? I’m no huge fan of Brit Brit, but I definitely love that she was honest and fed up enough to put this out there.

We’ve spent our entire lives being force-fed the rest of the world’s ideas of beauty and physical perfection, and it’s time that we take back our own, make our own, and be our own people. Screw the perfect people in the magazines (no offense to my model friends). Screw advertisements. Screw anyone’s standard of beauty but your own.

The only person that we should EVER compete against is OURSELVES. Don’t bother trying to be anyone else, or look like anyone else, when you are YOU! There is no one in this world like you, and to want to be like someone else just smacks of either admiration or self loathing. Please let it be the first option, if you must envy anyone at all.

Look. THIS is more like it (also from the fitness board on Pinterest, thank goodness):

We need to be nice to ourselves.

We need to accept ourselves.

We need to strive to be better versions of OURSELVES, not copies of others.

We need to love ourselves.

We need to respect ourselves.

We need to hold ourselves accountable.

We need to push ourselves towards success.


You can continue to be motivated by whatever it is that you think you need to be motivated by.

But just remember that when you need some positive encouragement, we’ll be here; on Twitter, on Pinterest and Facebook spreading a positive message that won’t make you feel bad about yourself.

So, in case all of this is still unclear:























(* as an update: this article just published by TIME Europe: Britain bans the type of Photoshopping that America uses every day)


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  1. s_cin says:

    LOVE this article!

  2. countrykay says:

    So very happy you posted this, I couldn’t have done it the justice that you do but it’s so completely true. I’m so glad I married a man who loves that I look more like J.Lo and wouldn’t have me any other way. I almost emailed that picture of Brit to you the other day because it needs to be written about, I’m So glad you can read my mind!!

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