There is no such thing as Super Bowl Sunday over here in Germany, and I’m totally ok with that. I’m not a football fan.

What I AM a fan of, though, is making the things that I love, miss and require in gluten- and dairy-free versions. Because I’m on the intolerance spectrum and because of my disease, it’s recommended by most MS neurologists that I adjust my diet to reflect what ‘bad’ proteins do to my nervous system. It’s a long story for another post, but it’s not just gluten and dairy that I need to stay away from. I am also supposed to avoid legumes (think: soy and peanuts) and eggs. I kind of thumb my nose at the eggs requirement, but I don’t eat them that often anyway so it’s no biggie. So since I can’t eat soy, peanuts or whole wheat, being a vegan is TOTALLY out of the question. I have to eat protein somehow, and all that’s left for me to ingest after all of those things is meat and quinoa. And nuts, but the levels of protein in nuts are pretty low.

All of this means that I generally stay away from these foods, and ordering anything in a restaurant that may contain them. I eat a lot of caesar salads when I eat out, or steak and potatoes. I’m down with steak.

I’ve been feening for rice pudding lately. It’s called ‘milk rice’ (milchreis) over here, but it’s the same thing. I saw it at a restaurant the other day when I was getting breakfast (all I could eat was a bowl of fruit) and wondered if it could be made WITHOUT real milk. A quick search on the internet showed a recipe that looked promising, and it has turned out to be excellent. I’m eating it now!

I was also wondering what went into a Bloody Mary the other day, and as it turned out to be a bunch of ingredients that I had lying around, I made that as well. For the record, Bloody Marys aren’t that great with rice pudding. But that hasn’t stopped me.

I found a good-looking Quinoa Pilaf recipe last week on foodgawker and had decided to try it. Then, as I was talking to Michelle about it, she told me about a recipe she’d just tried and loved for Cheesy Quinoa Poppers. Yeah, there’s cheese in them, but not a lot, if it’s the only cheese I ingest for the day.

So I had myself a cooking evening after my first Power Yoga class tonight, and it all turned out really, really well. The poppers are yummy, the pilaf smells excellent, the rice pudding is AMAZING (I used rice milk) and the bloody mary is an excellent way to end my day.

Here are the recipes, if you’d like to try them! I think the poppers would be great for a party with some honey mustard dip or dressing. That’s what I ate them with!

Cheesy Quinoa Bites

Quinoa Pilaf

Vegan rice pudding

Bloody Mary Wiki (with basic ingredients in rt column)

Vodka is gluten and dairy free. Don’t judge me.


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3 responses »

  1. Michelle S. says:

    I need that rice pudding recipe! I looooove rice pudding!

  2. germanymarie says:

    it. is. amazing. I LOVE IT!!

  3. countrykay says:

    I can’t do pudding, I’m one of those weird people that has ‘texture’ issues but I do want to try this lemon cake (glutten free) recipe I found. I will say Rick will (neither will I) ever judge you on the bloody mary – those are his FAV and if you ever come to visit, we will take you The Brick in Bath, they have the VERY best homemade recipe bloody marys (with a pickled green bean in them) 🙂

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