Because I feel like push ups and crunches on my run days aren’t enough, and because I need to get better at jumping in order to take better jumping photos, and because it’s time to try something new, I’ll be starting with the Jump off Jiggle routine this week.

I’m really interested in eventually doing the workouts, and I understand that they’re not going to be easy. They’re not even going to be nice. But they are going to show results, and there is a library of over 500 videos to choose from, so I’ll have no problem keeping my body and metabolism confused. On top of this, the bodyrock workouts tend to ask you to do things in intervals, meaning that as you get better, you do more reps of each exercise in a set amount of time. This means a constantly evolving workout.

As a reward for doing so well yesterday, I ordered myself an interval timer for interval workouts, which I’ll need when I start with bodyrock. It was like $23 to order and have shipped, so I feel like it was an affordable splurge.

That’s another reason I’ve chosen to do the Jump off Jiggle routine: it ALSO operates as an interval workout, and if nothing else, it’ll get me used to the idea of switching exercises quickly as I wait for the timer to come in the mail.

I’m still not sure which days I’ll do this workout on. On one hand, it will go great with the running and push ups, but because the workout is mostly focusing on legs, it might be too much for one day. But to do it on my budo days seems silly, since it would be the only thing aside from budo that I’d be doing.

With those things in mind, and because I still hold in my head that I’ll jump rope on budo days, I think that it’ll end up on the running and push ups days (tues, thurs, sat) and maybe on Sundays as well, when I’m feeling saucy.

But let me tell you this: I gave this workout a run-through today to see how I felt about it, and it is SCARY. I mean, it’s only 19 minutes when everything is said and done, but I barely made it through the first round (you repeat the entire interval circuit 3x). Thank goodness there’s a 2 minute rest between interval groups!! I’m going to need it!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. s_cin says:

    Another short workout I will add 🙂

  2. countrykay says:

    I’d like to try this one to GM, I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

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  4. […] had been lost. All I could think about was how much work I’d have to do (nay, how many Jump off Jiggle circuits I’d have to do) to right this incredible wrong. And my stomach is still kind of […]

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