While eating pizza with my family over the weekend it came to my attention while my son was reading the ingredients on the back of a ‘seasoning’ packet that we really have no idea what’s in our food. We try something, we like it, we eat it but do we ever look at the label?? Here my 6-year-old was trying to read some 14 letter word with more consonants than vowels and in parenthesis it said (to avoid clumping) really?? They put some man-made BS in my seasoning to make it so it wouldn’t clump?? and now not only is my husband eating it so is my child?! Ummm.. YUCK! on SOOOO many levels!

DSC_7979It got me to thinking do we really read all the ingredients in our food and how on earth are we to distinguish what the nutrition/food label means & what on earth are all of those huge CRAZY 14 letter words anyway?!  Cause my guess is, most of those 14 letter words are a fancy ways of covering up ‘sodium’ and ‘FAT’ or man-made things they don’t want you to know is in it anyway. “We are what we eat” – but what the heck are we eating?!?

I recently found a good worksheet online at healthiergeneration.com on reading labels, I actually printed it out and hung it on the fridge, it’s geared more towards children but hey it’s helpful to me and my kids, even my big kid my hubby.


I also found a few other places that will ‘educate you on the subject:
Calorie Counter

Mayo Clinic

How Too

Kids Health.org

DSC_7981I will say read your labels and importantly your ingredients!!
Just because something is low in calories dosen’t mean it’s good for you.  I mean some Dill Pickles have no calories but the 2nd ingredient is salt or sodium, which is not good.  Another example is Soy sauce, really low in calories, once again almost 50% sodium. So at a glance you think low in calories, not so bad but after reading the ‘fine print’ you realize it’s BAD!

Rule 1:  If in the top 3 ingredients you read sugar or salt, it’s probably something you want to steer clear of unless it’s just some kind of junk food you HAVE-TO-HAVE, Than eat it but just don’t eat A LOT of it. Watch your portions and you will be fine.

Rule 2: if these dreaded 14 letter words that you can’t pronounce appear in your list of ingredients, you might research exactly what that is and decide for yourself if this is something you want to be putting into your body. However, steer clear of it and you may find yourself not eating much at all… take each day in strides.

Remember: “You are what you eat!”


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  1. germanymarie says:

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!!! I might have to give you a follow-up post on a video that I saw recently.

  2. countrykay says:

    Awesome! Sounds like a great idea 🙂

  3. My philosophy is that if after looking at the ingredients I would have no clue how to make the food myself, it goes back on the shelf.

  4. countrykay says:

    That’s a great thought!

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