100pushupsIt took me 2 weeks to complete it, but Week 1 is officially done! I am a stickler for being on a schedule and wanted to keep with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine — so I had to repeat Week 1 to make sure I honored the program. Otherwise, I would’ve felt like I cheated.

I have to admit, my arms feel stronger. I completed 22 push ups today and I’m pretty stoked! I downloaded an app for my phone that keeps my push ups logged. I have it pinned to my home screen so I always see it. Nice reminder, huh?

Today, I noticed some definition on my arms. Especially around my shoulders. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s always good to actually SEE progress! Small victories. I think we talked about that in the past…

This week, I’ve also been experimenting with the Jillian Michaels cleanse, mentioned in previous posts but I haven’t seen any real decrease in weight. Certainly not 5lbs worth. It doesn’t taste bad or anything, so I’m going to stick with it. The dandelion root tea is supposed to work as a caffeine free coffee replacement and is said to help you kick the coffee habit. So far, I still enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning, but I have noticed that I’ve had more energy during the day. I suppose it could be a side effect of my tea/water.

Drinking at least 60 ounces of water a day can only benefit me anyway and since the cleanse doesn’t taste bad, I think I’ll just stick with it to maintain the energy levels. I haven’t needed or wanted that 2nd cup of coffee later in the day, unless it’s a special run to Dunkin Donuts and then I have a hard time saying no. Who knows, maybe limiting caffeine and coffee is in my future. We’ll see. That’ll be another “trial” down the road.

Next week starts my Week 2. Looking forward to kicking ass!


About Michelle S.

"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever..." Make each day better than the day before.

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  1. countrykay says:

    Limiting caffiene in my diet has been REALLY hard for me. I will say however that I’ve replaced my coffee in the am that I put lots of cream and sugar in (my hubby jokes would you like coffee with your sweeteners?) to having a tea with either honey or a small amount of sugar, or just water. I’m planning to send you guys that ‘constant comment’ black tea with orange peel I was talking about & I’m proud to say that Monday I had 1 fountain soda with supper (we ate out), Wednesday I had a small (4oz) of soda during bowling but drank unsweetened iced tea the rest of the time and NOTHING but water again till Friday when I had 1 can of coke during our home made pizza and game night with my friends and all 6 of the kids. I’m doing really well so far, the headaches have been really hard to deal with but I’ve been TRYING to manage them without giving in. I’d REALLY like to Kick the ‘soda’ habit all together truly 😉 I think you are DOING a GREAT JOB!! Keep it up!!

  2. s_cin says:

    Awesome job! I think it’s awesome you repeated Week 1 just in case; that shows dedication. If it takes you longer than 1 week to complete 1 weeks worth don’t let that get in the way. DD also has smarter coffee options to choose from 😉

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