It’s such a dreary day today so I decided to workout inside & afterwards I was watering my plants. It always makes me smile when they bloom or grow. I find a lot of joy in my house plants which is ironic because up until last year it was beyond me that I could even have or keep a house plant. My husband had bought me beautiful violet that was barely hanging on and I had just given up all hope that I’d ever be a good ‘indoor’ gardener. I say ‘indoor’ because I could grow a beautiful vegetable garden outside in the summer… but inside just seemed to not be my cup of tea.

I always teased that my grandfather could make a rock grow, he was an amazing gardener inside and out. Some of my fondest memories were spent outside in his vegetable garden or in the ‘green’ room on their house, that was literally painted green and covered in vegetation. When he passed away I took it pretty hard, I had lost my Grandmother in college and it seemed to be the ending of a chapter in my life, death on a whole is never really easy to deal with. My best friend and I had been chatting about my sadness and she decided that perhaps I should try my hand again at ‘indoor’ gardening, again since it was winter at the time.  She even bought and potted for me a wandering jew and a philodendron,(which are like the easiest plants in the world to grow) I was terribly worried after seeing the state of the violet, she took it home in hopes of resurrecting it, unfortunately it croaked. She later came with a new one to fill its void. I bought these amazing things called Aqua Globes, it was one of those ‘as seen on tv’ things I’d seen I’m sure up one night late with a fussy child.  However you just fill the globe with water and place it in the dirt and when you forget to water the plant it is there. Which I really felt was probably more the problem than anything. Low and Behold after a month my plants were still alive and growing & I’d become ADDICTED! I now have 2 windows in my house FULL of plants.

However, there was more to it than I ever realized. Health wise it seemed my kids were always sick, which is a struggle for a Mom, they seem to just pass it back and forth and never really get over it. A year ago my 3 sons had been diagnosed with sinusitis it’s having to do with allergies and how your body reacts to allergens in the air and such. They went through extensive testing and such it was a long, very hard process on everyone in my family. I can not believe how much things have changed by having plants in the house. They are healthier, my oldest son used to catch absolutely everything  that they passed around at school and since being introduced to having plants in the house he hasn’t been nearly as sick, as a matter of fact he’s had perfect attendance for the 1st two quarters of school this year. (small victory for sure)

So it got me thinking about how house plants can impact us everyday when we are stuck inside exercising during rainy days or in the cold seasons. I was amazed at the information I found, house plants are SO completely awesome they have SO many benefits , they can help fight colds, they eliminate airborne contaminates like Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene or Benzene which are found in regular house hold items like insulation, paper products, cleaning supplies, ink, paint, plastic and rubber – all things that are in our house everywhere.  They can improve mental health and help you become a happier person, while also helping you sleep better, help treat a sore or burn (with some plants), help your brain function better & help reduce or fight allergies.  Along with eliminating carbon dioxide & creating clean air. What is better than breathing clean air while you are exercising!! Especially when you can’t get outside!

I even found that some plants produce oxygen so much so that NASA did a study if you were in an air tight environment you could survive with certain plants because they create that much oxygen.

I will look at my plants in a whole new light now. The fighters of allergens with regard to my kids and the air cleaners of my house.  My addiction has grown 10 fold knowing that it helps keep my family healthy and will create a better healthier environment in my home while I’m stuck inside through the winter or rainy days exercising.


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  1. Michelle S says:

    we have a ton of plants in our house and they make it so fresh inside. it just FEELS cleaner. we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. countrykay says:

    I really do like it through the winter time, it makes you feel better about the cold outside that something is still green, growing & blooming & Yes about the Cleaner feeling for sure! My orchid, impatiens, cyclamen, kalanchoe & my shamrock all bloomed today, it was my little piece of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day 🙂

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